why don't they like her


They say that love is blind, and that is usually the case when you pick up a girl who is obviously not into you. Your friends can see right through her charade and she knows it, so she will try to befriend them and pay even more attention to you when you are in their company just to show them who’s in charge. You think your friends are just over reacting but are they?

The difference between you and your friends is the fact that you are in the relationship and they aren’t, therefore they are able to see the situation more objectively than you. Think about it, have your friends ever led you down the wrong path before? If so, then you need to get new friends because they obviously don’t have your best interest at heart.

For those friends who have been there for you through thick and thin, don’t just shrug off their opinion of your new girl Even if you don’t want to admit it, just think about the behaviour that she displays. Is it behaviours that you would want your long-term relationship girlfriend to have? Does she portray the behaviour of a London escort?

What you may think is an act of kindness with women like this, usually isn’t, so when you see her standing talking to another man twirling her hair, most likely she isn’t speaking about the weather, so why not just believe your boys when they say you have picked up a bad seed? Are you willing to go through life confused and not knowing for sure your girlfriend’s true intentions? If you want to know if your boys totally detest your girl, review the telltale signs below:

They are too busy to hang out

They forget important dates

They express their views verbally

Criticise her all the time

Never use her name

Use your past experiences to get you into trouble

Make antics when she speaks

Refuse to answer your calls

Only call on your mobile even if it’s cheaper to use the landline

Miss events that you do all together annually

It is the duty of your friends to let you know when you are heading in the wrong direction, that is what they are there for and that is why they have the title “friend”. You friends are there to support and guide you through life. Remember, they are a part of you. Does the term “Birds of a feather flock together” come to mind?

You may not like the things that they are saying, but you know they are speaking the truth, so just do what you have to do and move on, even if it is with a London escort.