Transsexual Malaysian in Broken Relationship with UK National


Malaysian Transsexual decides enough is enough after a very short honeymoon period when husband started to ignore her, or should that be him. Defending her side of the story and hitting back she claimed, "He was ignoring me, it's horrible when a man you love treats you like that". All this after her estranged husband had paid out more than £12000.00 to ensure Malaysian-born Fatine Young could obtain a Visa to remain in the UK. He should have visited our extremely successful and very popular London escort agency; it would have been considerably more cost effective and possibly more enjoyable.

Fatine 38, who was born Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari in Malaysia has defended her events, explaining and emphasizing the fact that she had to make major sacrifices to relocate to the UK and take up residence with the School Caretaker, who she proclaims eventually distanced her with his unpredictable behaviour.

The couple originally met in Malaysia whilst Mr. Young was working as a Security Guard. Mr. Young, who is in his early 30’s had not realized that Fatine was in fact a Transsexual who had not committed to, or gone through sex change surgery. As homosexuality in Malaysia is classified as illegal Fatine could not return for fear of being imprisoned, hence the need to secure a visa to remain in the UK.

To add to the mix Mr. Young who had been in a heterosexual relationship for several years, then previously entered into a homosexual relationship prior to meeting Fatine. On discovering Fatine’s sexuality they both decided to continue with the blossoming relationship, which eventually culminated in a civil partnership. Colleagues close to the couple have stated the relationship and people involved must have been very broad minded when entering into the relationship.

It is understood that the couple who are now living apart and considering divorce proceedings to enable them to both get on with there lives. Mr. Young although still in debt is focusing on a new self employed business venture, whist Fatine is considering a life as a show girl, entertaining an adoring public on the stage. Quoted as saying, Ms Young would be more than happy to put on an unforgettable show stopping performance to ensure her public were fully entertained and satisfied.