Unfaithful with a North London Escort


The majority of solid long-term relationships go through a jittery stage. There comes a point when both partners think about looking for someone or something different. It is only natural, we humans were not designed to be totally monogamous we get desires to stray and see if the grass is greener on the other side. The secret is not to get caught testing the water, as this is the most common cause for relationship breakdowns. Unfaithfulness, stemming from wanderlust and desire.

North London escorts are a very discreet and anonymous breed, who enjoy nothing better than playing around with and pampering you non- monogamous, testosterone driven, nomadic males. There is another side to this coin, it is not always the male of the species who gets the wander bug. In increasing numbers, it is the flirtatious partner who has the desire and yearning to stray. Either way, unfaithful or betrayed, a north London escort will provide that extra special feeling of wanton desire, supplicating the passion which may have become a lost cause in your relationship. Monogamy can cause a lowering in the libido, a lack of intimacy in the waning partnership, for either partner, so it is therefore important to rekindle this loss by trying something completely and utterly different. After all variety is the spice of life and who knows what the outcome will be.

Our duo escorts could be the answer to both of your prayers, instead of straying from the so called marital bed of bliss, why not encourage your partner to try something completely different, where both of you are actively involved in a sexual experience of overwhelming pleasure. It may take a little persuading and encouraging but the outcome could be a transforming moment in your relationship. Watching each other hit new heights of climactically driven enjoyment may be the turn- on you both needed.

North London escorts specialise in delivering absolute recreational amusement and find pleasure in making relationships work again. Whether you are the unfaithful type, the experimental extrovert or just looking for something completely different, arrange a liaison with one or two of our stunning and vivacious escorts and we are certain you will take great pleasure in hitting new levels of pleasurable delight. Move over monogamy, roll on the pleasure dome. Remember your current partner may also wish to join in the fun. Go for it! What have you got to lose?