Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life


Whether you're bored of doing the same thing with your partner or you just enjoy adding a splash of excitement into your fun, it is perfectly normal to want to try new things. Everyone craves rushes and exploring different and interesting routes within their lives and these tips are sure to spice up your sack sessions if they're a little slower then you like!

It may sounds childish, but teasing one another can add that spark back into your relationship. As far back as one can remember, boys always teased the girls that they like, and the girls would get all giggly! It's flirty and fun and can make the relationship feel new again! Give it a try and teasingly kid around with your partner. Just because your age goes up in numbers, doesn't always mean that your young personality has to too.

A lot of the times, lack of sexual activity within a relationship comes from exhaustion from stress at work and everyday life. Even if you're in the mood, you'd still much rather just sleep or watch TV, but this isn't fair to you or your partner. Remember when you just met, despite how tired you were after work, you couldn't wait to tear each other's clothes off? Act on your mood even if you're tired or stressed at work. You will be happy you chose to do so once you're laying there in a sex coma with your partner even if it means that you lost that extra half hour of sleep!

Now, you may be having all the sex in the world, but it can still feel like your sex life is lacking. Try incorporating some porn into your sack sessions! Pop in your favourite Adult DVD and watch it with your partner. It's sure to put them in the mood and get some hints as to what you want in bed.

Surprises will never fail. How can your partner not be turned on as you surprise him/her with a naked dinner, or when you slip into the shower with them? Take advantage of your creative side and instead of bringing home flowers and jewellery, bring home your eager, sex-craving self!

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When your sex life gets slow, all you need to do is something different. Anything different. It's going to relight that flame that has been slowly dying out - which is never a good thing. Amazing sex is important to a successful relationship so brainstorm some more ideas to have a different adventure each day this week!