Reliable London Escort Agencies are few and far Between

There are lots of London escort agencies out there on the Internet making claims and boasting about being the number one escort agency for escorts in London, but what do they actually offer to their prospective clients to support these claims? In most cases the answer has to be not a lot! Unsupported charging policies, unrealistic fees and what is more and in most cases, fake girls. Strange though when you contact these "premier" agencies, the so called girl of your dreams is never available, not working that night or has just moved on from the company. The most frustrating advertised promise must be cheap rates anywhere in the London district. Again there is always an excuse to be had for not honouring the quoted price, which leaves the client bewildered, confused and annoyed.

So what makes a reliable London escorts agency, become a trusted partner when arranging that much awaited liaison with a stunning companion? Reliability, honesty and trustworthiness are three of the most bandied around words which make prestigious clientele buzz with happiness, lets not forget realistic fees and realistic companions. Very easy to say but can you find all of these quality attributes within one company or would it be easier to count all the grains of sand in a desert? Trust me, they are out there, it is just a case of looking, researching and most importantly contacting the businesses and asking the right questions. A premier London escort agency, such as Diamond Escorts, does not need to try to hide behind a shroud of deceit. The company will be pleased to speak to you and answer all of those niggling questions, reassure you and deliver that little bit extra, not like some of the competition who may try to either fob you off or become rude.

We are now beginning to establish some good solid ground rules for identifying service oriented specialist escorts in London purveyors. If a company makes a claim it should honour that claim in full without exception. So if you require a companion and contact a central London escorts agency, but you happen to require a rendezvous in Surrey, maybe 25 miles away, they should either explain politely they do not service your area, or honour your request at the fee quoted. There is no way on this earth they should attempt to con or rip you off by negating the original promise made on their website.

It's a minefield out there, and the last thing reputable London escorts agencies want to see are prestigious and discerning clients being taken advantage of by these flash in the pan, in it for a quick buck, money grabbing protagonists who do not care about their business, employees and most importantly their customer base. We hope this guide has helped you along the way in selecting a genuine, honest and reliable, not forgetting trustworthy, London escorts agency.