In The Restaurant Stall

Cindy and her girlfriends were heading out to celebrate a night out on the town. One of her girlfriends recently got engaged and the group decided to go to a divine restaurant for some delicious cuisine before heading to a concert. So, Cindy rampaged through her closet and settled with a sexy LBD which was fit for an elegant dinner yet revealing enough for a night out partying at the concert. She wore high heel boots and let her wavy hair down to exceed the party attire, and she headed out the door with her mind filling with filthy intentions.

As they all arrived at the restaurant, they settled in and enjoyed some laughter and chatter. The girls were all gazing over their friend's engagement ring, but Cindy had her eyes set on something else. She couldn't help but notice the sexy, petite waitress that was standing over by the bar of the restaurant. She had always been able to appreciate the beauty of another woman, but this one was different. She was captivating and made Cindy think of all kinds of naughty things. She tried to focus on the menu and the conversation her girlfriends were having, but kept catching herself glance over to the bar to see the waitress.

Cindy couldn't stop thinking about sliding her hand up the waitress' skirt, nibbling on her nipples and cupping her large breasts in her hand. She giggled to herself just thinking about it and when her friends noticed, Cindy felt her cheeks growing red and dismissed their attention. The food quickly came and to her disappointment, the sexy waitress wasn't theirs. Although, this would never stop Cindy from getting what she wanted. So she excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom. Despite two other women being in the bathroom, Cindy took to a stall and hiked up her dress. She couldn't resist the sensation any longer. She slowly began to rub her clit in circular motions before going faster and faster. She couldn't contain herself. Cindy began to moan as she became hotter, wetter and hornier. She rubbed her pussy harder, entering herself into a complete oasis of pleasure.

Just as Cindy was about to reach her climax, she heard a knock on the stall door.

She panicked, "Just a minute!" Her pussy juices were leaking all over her black dress.

"This is a staff member of the restaurant. Is everything okay?"

Cindy shuddered something incoherent. Was the waitress knocking on the stall door? Cindy knew that if she exited the stall, the delicious smell of her pussy would be way too prominent to conceal, but she knew her friends would start to wonder where she went.

"Ma'am.... Are you okay?" The waitress asked again.

Cindy panicked some more. Unsure as to whether she wanted to waitress to disappear or barge into the stall. She didn't have another moment to think before the stall door was opened and the waitress stood in the doorway, looking at Cindy with her fingers in her soaking wet twat. There was a moment of silence which felt like a lifetime before the waitress winked and closed the door behind her and moved closer to Cindy.

She lifted her shirt as Cindy began to fondle her large, perky breasts. They were just as she had imagined. She placed her mouth over her tit and began to suck on her tits, making them larger and harder. The waitress slid her hands underneath Cindy's dress to feel the warmth and wetness coming from her pussy. She slid a finger inside of her pussy as Cindy took her other tit inside of her mouth. The waitress slid her body down Cindy's and pushed her face right into her pussy. She swirled her tongue around her clit, up and down, side to side, fast and slow... It was making her pussy seep with cum.

The waitress fingered Cindy's pussy with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other, pulling her cheeks apart with each dive she took into her twat. The waitress trailed her fingers from Cindy's ass to her pussy and covered them with her juices as she moved back up to her anus. With two fingers, the waitress opened her ass and began to fuck Cindy in all ways that she could.

Cindy immediately began to reach her climax. She grabbed the sides of the stall, bit her lips in hopes of trying to be quiet but it was hopeless. Feeling the waitress' fingers in her ass and pussy, and her tongue licking all over her clit made her pussy get hot and tingly. She was about to cum. The waitress went harder and faster and just like that, Cindy let out a loud scream as she cried out in ecstasy. Her body was trembling as she looked down to see the waitress smirking, looking back up at her, and licking Cindy's pussy clean.

The waitress stood up, straightened Cindy's little black dress, and handed her a piece of paper with her number.

"I saw you looking at me all night," Said the waitress, "Let's not make this a white night stand, okay?" And just like that, the waitress slipped back out onto the restaurant floor.