The Retirement Party

Anne had just come home from her retirement party, Anne was neat and organised, she worked as a civil servant for a home counties Government department. Anne was divorced and although happy to be retiring from her mundane job that had kept her busy for thirty years she had nothing of excitement in her neat boxy lifestyle. She lived alone so her evenings consisted of M&S meals for one and skyping her children who lived in different continents. She would occasionally meet with friends for lunches and seemed outwardly content. However inside lurked a woman who craved sexual satisfaction, she knew how to bring herself off and read erotic novels but that was as far as it went. Now she was retired and single she guessed her days would just be filled with coffee in Debenhams.

She burst through her door of her tidy two bed semi, not too large as she didn't need a lot of space but it was nice to have a spare room just in case family stayed over. After kicking off her shoes, she decided to open one of the many bottles that had been presented to her. Before long she was feeling lightheaded as drink had flowed through the day, she was logging on to her laptop. She found herself drawn to a live chat on a dating website, Anne knew these sites were harmless and many of her friends had met respectable partners from them. Anne didn't know there were sites that offered love and romance and then those who offered fuck dates. It was one of those sites Anne had inadvertently logged onto. She got chatting to Mike, just three years older than her and living 20 miles away in Hemel Hempstead.

Three hours later and her laptop was in the bedroom and she was writhing around on her bed, her one and only regular vanilla vibrator buried deep inside her snatch whilst her hands pulling her nipples, teasing and tormenting them. Mike was instructing her to part her labia so he could zoom in and get a close up of her pussy being stretched by the rubber shaft. He wanted to see that clit glistening with her cum, cum that had lain in wait for so long. Anne puffed and panted, Mike could see beads of sweat on her brow and knew she was close to cumming. He instructed her to remove the vibrator from her cunt, it slid out with a pop.

He wanted her on all fours, her ass facing the camera, he told her to insert it between her butt cheeks, even with all the wine and excitement she hesitated, had she gone too far she wondered, she couldn't possibly put it there! What the heck nothing ventured, nothing gained what was she waiting for. So using her wet pussy fluid for lubrication she drove that beast home. Deep in her ass she cried out as she impaled herself, she relaxed and felt alive. Knowing she was showing her wet and dripping pussy gapping open to a complete stranger with her ass filled to the max sent her over the edge. One hand plundered her ass while she slipped the other hand round to her slit, delving amongst the silky wet folds she found the source of her heat. She was an expert in her own clit for she had no choice but to self-explore regularly, she knew how to position her finger to bring relief.

She cried out and begged for Mike's cock to fill her, all she could do was watch on camera as he stroked a very long and hard cock between his hands. Slowly and deliberately his eyes bore into her. "Cum Anne, I want to see you cum". Their eyes were locked on each other as they rocked themselves to a heightened state of arousal, the only relief was provided by themselves. They wanted to touch each other, taste each other. Anne wanted Mike buried in her both holes as much as he wanted to be there. With a huge shudder and tremor, Anne cried out, her clit was rock hard as she came, squirting cum from her fingers pinched around her clit. Mike was there on zoom to see that glorious squirt.

However it wasn't long until they were tasting each other for real, after all Anne had just discovered that retirement had brought along fresh and new opportunities.