The Right Place- Where to Find the Woman of your dreams

We get it- you want to meet a decent woman. Someone you can introduce to your family and friends. But the question is: where do you meet these women? This question can be hard to answer.

The world of dating is very hard on men, mainly because the initiative almost always comes from them. Men spark the encounters and women either accept or reject it. And in order to resolve this matter, we’ve got to ask the most basic question of all, where do you begin looking?

I can pretty much attest that at one point in a man’s life, they’ve hit on several women and failed relentlessly. Some even go to the extent of hiring escorts just to get them through lonely nights. And according to some of the most popular escort services in the UK, the majority of the men who call on them are those who have hit rock bottom with finding women, those who seem to have given up faith on finding a decent woman and in their loneliness, they resort to an escort service. But even the women of an escort service company aren’t keen to spend time with a seemingly devastated and miserable man, and lets face it - who would anyway?

But men shouldn’t lose hope, for there are other places besides an alcohol-soaked and cigar-filled pickup place to find a decent woman. Of course our beautiful London escorts are always available to cheer you up. There’s a higher chance of you finding a date if you ask your friends, colleagues or even family relatives to help you. They may just know someone you’d be interested in and vice versa. Building your romantic network can start within your innermost circle.

And if in case you end up with a dead-end with your contacts or your friends are mostly married couples, worry not, there’s another place where you might find that woman. Where? It’s probably closer than you think. The park or the bookshop right around the corner. Yes, the next best place to look for women is the one nearest you. If you can spend 6 hours in a club, drinking, partying and humping every other woman you see, then a leisurely walk in the park, or a visit to your nearest bookstore may just lead you to finding the girl of your dreams or at least land you a decent date with a decent woman. And no, you don’t need to be a church devotee to score a date, you just need a group of people and a common place to look. Remember, the chances are higher where more people gather.

Ultimately, women aren’t sitting in front of their TVs waiting for a guy to ask them out. They go out to the right places hoping to find a man who’d be willing and eager to take them out on a dinner date. It wouldn’t hurt if you did the same.