Rip Off London – Rip Off Agencies

We all know that the reputation of our capital's escort agencies can leave a lot to be desired, and for very good reasons. False claims to deliver a value for money service and moreover the alleged promise of an Amazonian beauty often depicted on an all singing all dancing gadget ridden website. Certain members of this fraternity make outrageous claims, the most popular claim is that they are the best London escort agency in the capital. Well we will most certainly have to challenge this misnomer!

Careful and manufactured images skilfully deployed to trap the uneducated amongst us, lulling the unfortunate client into a contract with the girl of their dreams, only to be spun a yarn once the young beauty arrives, not necessarily a beauty, who more often than not bears no resemblance to the selected escort from the website. It could have even been the escort you requested some time ago when you inadvertently got snagged on the same or a totally different offending website.

Firstly they have claims that all staff advertised on there website for this highly used and extremely reputable service are represented as genuine images, we would have to strongly challenge this claim. We feel that many of the images are fake imposters put up on these glitzy websites to draw in the unsuspecting client with promises of the most elegant and beautiful London escorts available. What a load of rubbish! you are more likely to be able to purchase a load of Rocking Horse manure than meet with the promised London escort you originally selected. This in turn leads to disappointment, frustration and leaves the client with a nasty taste in their mouth. The knock on effect is that the client is very reluctant to use the online services offered again.

Why should discerning clients have to put up with this inferior con of a service to line some unscrupulous London escort agency owner’s pocket? No wonder those service providers who offer an excellent second to none service decry what can only be classed as a deplorable service spreading like a plague throughout the industry.

For the excellent and well established escort agencies who offer a fantastic service, and may it be said, advertise the genuine article on their websites, should they be subjected to what is fast becoming a scam to lever hard earned cash from genuine clients looking for something different and unique? Genuine escort agencies offer an experience with an outstanding beautiful and glamorous London escort explicitly selected to ensure the clients absolute and complete enjoyment. This is all about accurate representation on the advertisers sites and more importantly, being delivered what has been promised. Not like some of those, what can only be described as "cowboy sites" in the business that just look to make a fast few quid and run.