Sarah and Fuck

I call my slave 'fuck' as she has no need for a name, she is just my toy to be used and abused as I see fit and I like to use her for experiments of pleasure. This was my latest trick and I couldn't wait to get started.

Fuck looked down at the silk panties and a dish on my desk. Fuck wondered there no end to the depravity and torment she would endure at my twisted hands. Fuck was a purely heterosexual woman, but had become and expert at cunnilingus. She was actually becoming used to having to wank herself off on cue and let her throbbing clit be overstimulated. It was all she could do every time to hold her position and remain silent as her nub was fingered.

I explained in detail what was expected, the crotch section of the panties would be placed in the in the dish to soak, then, using external stimulation only, she was to stand in front of her desk and edge herself for ten minutes. The monitor on my desk was paired wirelessly to the implant in fucks neck. This this ensured that there would be no cheating or faking. I could tell exactly how close she was to orgasm, and exactly when she had her first contraction. I could also see the level of the orgasm's intensity, displayed on the screen. Fuck would teeter on the very brink of orgasm for the entire ten minutes. If she failed in her task she would be required to start over. She was instructed to ask for permission to orgasm. Once granted, she would stroke herself just enough to send her over the top. Then placing her hands behind her head, standing straight with legs splayed which was the attention position. This effectively ruined any possibility of enjoyment of the orgasm.

In all of the almost thousands of orgasms she had experienced since she was brought to me 10 weeks ago, she had only had 2 that were sexually satisfying. Both were given as rewards for exceptional performance at something humiliating and depraved. Most of the time, her pussy would clench at open air. Stimulation would stop just as the orgasm began. The orgasm was a biochemical, two-fold means to an end. First, the flood of oxytocin would throw her clitoris into hypersensitivity. Second, the surge in prolactin made any interest in sex or stimulation, however infinitesimal, vanish completely. Using this method, fuck felt only the smallest amount of pleasure, and all of the after-effects in full. Every orgasm was an exercise in frustration and cruelty.

When her contractions subsided, Fuck was to simply put the panties on and stand at attention in silence to receive further instruction. On examination of the panties they revealed some minor modifications. The cotton crotch was longer and thicker than normal. An additional braid of cotton was sewn into the centre. This centre parting had knots and dips in it designed to wedge deep and snug into her cunt, applying pressure on all the senses. The panties were very elastic, and just a tad on the small side. This ensured they would fit snugly into place, and remain there, even if she were permitted to move. The anointment oil, as I explained to her, was another one of my concoctions.

The primary ingredient was a combination of various chilli extracts, ginger root and eucalyptus extract oils, along with a concentrated mixture of histamine inducing agents that would add a very insistent itch to the incredible burn. Next, there was a chemical mixture that would ensure that no blistering or would occur, and that there would be no damage to Fucks vagina. Finally, a chemical was added to neutralise the ingredients, upon application of Jasmin oil. At least when she had suffered long enough an antidote was available immediately.

Fuck had no idea what she was in for, but if it was anything like what she'd endured thus far, she was in for another exam in depravation. She tentatively began caressing herself. She knew that I had no interest in watching her indulge in foreplay. Quickly, she coaxed her button from its hiding place and began to bring herself off. She had become an expert in labia. She knew exactly how to touch and rub and tease herself to gain pleasure.

Fucks clit swelled and bulged as it was fingered, she was at the verge of coming in minutes. A quiet beep sounded from the monitor on the desk indicating that the ten minute timer had started. This was perhaps the hardest part. She had very little control over the torments exacted on her after she came, and most of the time, it was just an exercise in maintaining position, endurance, or both. This was the real trick, though. The settings on the sensors were very sensitive. She knew the level of stimulation she was expected to maintain, but it was very difficult. She had to maintain her sex at virtually one stroke from orgasm.

If she came too soon, I would thrash her and I would force her wet stinging panties all night if she did. If she failed to keep herself on the brink, the timer would start over. She had once restarted the timer 4 times in one session, a transgression she was given a rather aggressive pussy for. Fuck had little doubt that today would be different, just another day in a sleepy Harlow street.