Sasha Pops his Cherry

Sasha's expertise has always been popping the cherries of men who have never been subjected to anal stimulation previously. She had a date planned with a male client who was completely straight but had heard the hype about the g-spot in a man's ass and was eager to experience it. Sasha was extremely excited about the idea of introducing him to the pleasures of his g-spot and she knew that she would blow his mind, as well as many other things.

The straight man wanted to take a shower with Sasha, so they slipped into a wet experience pretty quickly upon his arrival at her house. Sasha began to soap his body up, playing close attention to his cock, balls and anus. After she was sure that he was cleaned up and ready to get dirty once again, she led the man into the massage room where she continued to loosen him up. She gently teased him with the therapeutic massage as she worked at the top of his inner thighs, slowly and softly running her fingers up and down the crack of his ass. She began to circle his anus, occasionally poking her finger tip into his tight opening.

His short breath let Sasha know that he was enjoying it, and she reminded him to relax and take a deep breath. As she finished massaging the back side of his chiselled body, she turned him over so she could play with his ragging hard dick. He asked Sasha if she had any toys, and of course, she had a big trunk full. She pulled out a starter dildo and the massage quickly became kinkier as she began to tease his asshole with it. He asked if she could make it seem like she was fucking him with it, so Sasha sat on the edge of the massage table and draped his legs over hers, his ass close to her pussy. She began to enter the dildo into his ass as she rocked her body along with the thrusts. Sasha began to talk dirty to him, asking him how much he loves getting fucked in the ass by a girl, and how amazing the dildo feels in his tight little ass. The man was in complete ecstasy as she grinded her body up against his ass, thrusting the dildo deep into his virgin hole.

Sasha removed the dildo and stuck her finger in his ass so she could feel every throb of his orgasm. She began to fuck his ass with her finger as she jacked him off with her other hand. She instantly felt his body tremble. His asshole tightened around her finger as he shot a fat load of delicious cum all over her face. Sasha didn't stop fucking his asshole and wanking his dick until every last drop of his cum was in her mouth, giving her the tasty treat that she was longing for.

As the man began to get dressed, Sasha gave him a wink and said, "I'm glad to have popped your cherry."