The Science between Women and Sex

For centuries now, men have been trying to understand the complex nature of women. And while some successful men have done an incredible job in trying to decipher women, most of us, of average intelligence and patience, still don’t get it. Disregarding the biological differences between a man and a woman, we try to resolve our issues with women without fully understanding the very basic notion of sex. A woman’s sexuality has always been her greatest asset, a superpower in her own right. And in order to fully grasp the science and nature of being a woman, we must first look into her most intrinsic self, the sexual woman.

While this may come as a surprise to many, but most women tend to be more sexually active if they find themselves hot. Because sexuality has always been associated with women, a woman’s perception of her own body has a direct effect on her sexual patterns and behaviours. Women who are generally more comfortable in their own skin have sex more and those who have sex more end up having better orgasms than those who body image consciousness is at its lowest. But just because your woman doesn’t feel comfortable about her body means that she’ll have a harder time in bed.

Another very interesting fact about women and sex is that other women turn them on. And not in a lesbian or bisexual kind of way; as you may already know, everyone has a bisexual tendency, and most women have tapped into theirs. Women are erotic by nature, so it is inherent for them to get aroused by almost anything, men and women alike. This is what separates a real woman from a lesbian woman, the former being aroused from both sexes and the latter only stimulated by the same sex; a feat that most straight men would love to indulge in.

Women feel guiltier cheating than being cheated on. This is because they are afraid of emotional infidelity. More than sex, they are freaked out more when they find out that you have lunch more often with another girl than you having sex with her. To them, physical infidelity is forgivable while emotional infidelity isn’t; either way, women are still less likely to cheat than men.

Perhaps one of the most endearing qualities of a woman is her ability to separate her thoughts from her sexual urges. Her mental arousal and genital arousal have different functions. According to a London escort, those who have aroused her mentally during a date will less likely stimulate her in bed, and vice-versa.

And last but not the least, when having sex with a woman; don’t even try to tell her not to have feelings for you after. Remember, that a woman’s body releases a love hormone, Oxytocin, which is released during orgasm, and it makes them feel more bonded to you than they should. So when this happens, don’t push her away for she may end up stalking you and trying to win your affection. Let her off gently so you don’t break her sexual spirit.