Searching for Gold

Have you ever wondered if you could ever really fulfil the needs of your girlfriend in bed? Have you been looking for her G-spot and were unsuccessful? Well, welcome to the club.A lot of men out there have been trying for years to find the infamous G-spot and many have failed the quest. Here are some tips on how to help your girlfriend reach her ultimate climax.

First you need to know what the G-spot is and where to find it. I am sure that a London escort will be willing to help you in this area. The G-spot is an area of nerve tissue that is shaped like a bean. It is said to be located to the top of the woman's cervix and halfway between the pubic bone. It is usually one and a half to three inches inside the vagina.

It is of vital importance that your girlfriend has had an orgasm before you go looking for the gold as it will be easier to find. If you want some help in this area you can call a London escort to help you with the job.

Your girlfriend may need to empty her bladder in case of any leaks since the G-spot is relatively close to the bladder

Spend time exploring her cave. You could ask a London escort for some tips in this area.

You both need to be in comfortable positions that make the G-spot accessible.

Strong stimulation is needed on the G-spot in order for you to get a pleasurable response. Suggestions for this are a chair, which is of course comfortable, where she can face you while you are on the floor. If that doesn't work you can ask her to lie on her stomach with her hips elevated with the use of a pillow and, here's the good part, her legs open wide. You may want to assume your position on the floor again.

Using two fingers, insert them into the vagina. Firmly, but gently press them against her vaginas front wall. The G-spot area would be of a different texture or swollen. About one and a half inches up make come here motions with your fingers or you can try pressing and rubbing. While you are doing this you can also treat her with some clitoral stimulation.

You may not find this treasure the first time around but do not be disheartened. This process should be one of learning for the both of you as well as enjoyable. So relax and enjoy!