The Secret of a Beautiful Blonde Wembley Escort

It was interesting to make nice conversation with a beautiful woman that I had just spent 2 hours making love to and I didn’t think she realized who I was! Yes, this lovely lady is a beautiful blonde Wembley escort and is the respectable wife of an acquaintance of mine both of whom I just happened to run into at this cocktail party.

It was a crazy thing to do but what the hell! My wife was in one of her "body cleansing" routines where nothing entered her body but only the required foodstuff on her stupid list. This included horny old me. This had gone on for 3 weeks and there is no end in sight!

I had called an acquaintance of mine who held the job of Concierge for a large, fancy hotel in Wembely and owed me favors for occasionally passing on my complimentary footy tickets to him to satisfy his clientele. My request? A nice suite at his hotel and arranging for a nice, clean escort. I told him that I didn’t want a young escort who danced at the strip club but rather a quiet, discreet type. Wow, did I ever get what I asked for!

I had arrived with 30 minutes to spare and decided to darken the room since I was somewhat well known in the community because of my high profile job, which will remain unknown in this story. I heard the key in the lock and called her into the bedroom. All I could see that she was a very tall, big boned woman. My friend had done well. She told me her name was Ann.

After some discussion, which I’m sure, was done to be sure I wasn’t a wacko, she stripped and crawled into bed with me. I was a bit anxious and after minimal comments, I reached out for her and began caressing her body. This marvelous lady had to be only a couple of inches shorter than me and I’m 6 foot four. Her breasts were ample but I guess rather small for her big frame. I love spending time caressing my wife’s body and I quickly discovered that my escort enjoyed it too. I glide my fingertips over her skin and try to reach and touch every inch of her body but ignoring her nipples and the sensitive parts of her pussy.

When I finally gently grabbed a nipple with my teeth, I was rewarded with a shudder that passed through her body. I enjoyed about 30 minutes of this foreplay trying to get the most for what it was costing me. I could sense that she wanted me to enter her so I asked her to put the condom on me. She seemed to pretty much enjoy that considering that she was the one getting paid. Finally, I held my body over hers and slowly rubbed the head of my dick around her vaginal lips. After a few minutes of this, I unhurriedly slipped it a couple of inches into her.

I had learned long ago that this was best done slowly and methodically. I counted 10 short strokes and then reached well into her and after a second I pulled back to do the sequence over again. Usually I go down to 9 strokes and then 2 long ones keeping this countdown going. My wife usually comes to an orgasm by the time I get to 5. This woman just reached 6! I wasn’t ready to quit yet and slowed it down a mite by concentrating on slow strokes and waiting for a response from her.

When she started moving more intensely, I moved my right leg over her left leg and begun quicker strokes. I have found that this will give us more clitoral contact and my wife likes it so I usually head for orgasm this way. I began rubbing her left breast and side and worked my way up to my own shot. I could feel her tensing and then I let it out. Boom! Wow! About this time, she laid back and said "wow!" My masculine pride was peaking about now. I had been a bit apprehensive about doing well with a strange woman, my first in the 10 years I’d been married.

She then got up and headed to the bathroom. After a few minutes, the light went out and she returned with a warm face cloth and cleaned my dick for me. Such service! She returned to the bathroom and neglected to completely shut the door and through the wall mirror on my side of the bedroom, I had a clear shot into the room! Annalee! Wow! I know this woman. I wondered if I should be ashamed since I knew her husband so well but decided that it wasn’t something I had pursued but I really did want a next time and that’s what was making me feel guilty.

It was bad enough that I was cheating on my wife but now a buddy too! I decided that it was in my best interest to keep this knowledge to myself. One thing was for sure, as much as I had wanted to spend the next hour screwing this wonderful lady, I didn’t think I could. I remembered a party we went to several months ago and I remembered a short black dress that she wore. I remembered thinking that the woman had the longest, shapeliest legs I’d ever seen.

I also remember wanting to rub my hand on those gorgeous legs. I asked her to just lie in bed and cuddle for a while. Remembering those fine legs, I couldn’t help but run my hands up and down the length of them. It didn’t take long for both of us to start getting horny. This one was a real quick fuck because that’s what we both wanted. It had been awhile since I’d made love to my wife more than once in one session and this session was marvelous!

So here I am at this cocktail party with my wife hanging on my arm and this extremely sensuous woman that I couldn’t wait to get back into bed with discussing the winter tourists and how they’re screwing up our roads! I was happy that we didn’t spend a whole lot of time talking earlier or she might have guessed who I was. I will say that it was the best money I had spent in a long time, and now I can’t wait to experience more delightful Wembley Escorts.