The Self Help Group

I was a sucker for new age groups, healing and well-being etc. So when I heard about a new self-help to seek inner fulfilment and pleasure I had to attend. There was nothing out of the ordinary, the usual type of room with big floor mats and cushions, pale yellow walls with a notice board advertising meditation, Reiki, Spiritualism, life coaching etc. So coats and shoes discarded, small talk established before lights were dimmed and into a meditation, again pretty standard stuff.

Whilst I was deep in mediation I was aware of someone sitting very close behind me, I could sense breathe on my neck. A pair of arms wrapped me, hugging me and enveloping my body against theirs. Keep your eyes closed and breath deeply said the voice holding me, it was the Asian chap running the class so I relaxed. Just inhale the scent, let yourself go and your mind wander to a very private place, somewhere very pleasurable

Did I just imagine it or did he just lightly skim my nipples? It was so fleeting I'm not sure but all I know they are rock hard and erect. OMG no it really did happen, I felt him reach around burying his mouth in my neck so he could rest his hands on my knees. He then slowly and lightly stroked from my knees to the top inside of my thighs, all the time addressing the group and giving instructions to inner fulfilment. I could feel his thumbs start to circle my outer lips, again so gentle I really could be dreaming, this was like no other class. However I did start to feel very relaxed and drifted off to my place of pleasure which was now the soaking gusset of my panties.

My breathing became so rapid I felt everyone in the room was watching and knew what was happening. I tried not to murmur out loud as by now his two thumbs had found the hood of my clit and was busy strumming away. I was also aware of the aroma of my musk emitting from me, I smelt of sex because I was so excited.

I could feel his erection pressed against my back, it felt so powerful and by now I didn't give a damn for the class I wanted to fuck this man. I wanted his cock to glide in and out of my vulva, those dark eyes which were like pools and that tanned Asian complexion I wanted our bodies pressed together naked. I was powerless, I was at his mercy and I couldn't even express my pleasure out loud. He pulled his thumbs out of my dripping pussy and placed them into my mouth, I could taste myself as I sucked on them.

I was too wound up in my world with him to realise what instructions he had been given out to the group, a lot of what he was doing to me he was asking others to stroke themselves in the same way. I had a sneaky peek and could see individuals trying discreetly to rub themselves, desperate to bring themselves off to seek their inner pleasure. All appeared embarrassed at their feelings and sexual awakenings at that stage not knowing everyone in the room was in the same situation.

The teacher then took everyone including myself to such a level where no one gave a damn, once he was confident he had taken them to pleasure portal he instructed the group to open eyes. As he knew the class couldn't stop now, the only difference was we were all aware. To my horror my pouting, dripping sex was on display, wide open as my panties had been pushed aside, at least others were still dressed.

He said we had all come with tensions and needed release, for our inner balance to be restored, he asked people to let go of their inhibitions and remove clothing. I was very surprised when everyone obeyed but he had obviously run these sessions before and knew how to work the group into such a heightened state. By now I didn't care and at least I could moan out loud as he plunged his fingers into me, working my pussy, hearing its wetness, smelling my girl juice.

His cock which had jutted into my back was set free and he lifted me so gently onto his lap in full view of everyone and slid me down his cock. I was told to face the group as I rode up and down I was too choose someone to lock eye contact with so two souls were feeding from the pleasure energy. This was the weirdest but most sensual experience I had ever had, as I stared at various people. My eyes were willing them to cum, I wanted to radiate the power from his cock and let others share in the intensity. I was the lucky one I had the prize, others had to use themselves, I wondered why I was so special but I didn't care as I was desperate to cum. So many other delegates had let go, some had cried with joy, some screamed, some whimpered, some silent. All enjoyed an intense powerful orgasm they didn't have to work for.

I then feasted on a lady directly opposite who had licked her lips just at the sight of my soaking labia. As I was being pistoned up and down we stared at each other, I saw her hand reach down and furiously rub away at her golden nugget. I screamed with joy and came in a room full of strangers, whilst staring at another women and the teacher emptying his sack deep inside me whilst forcing me down tight on his cock and holding me tight till the waves passed.

Utterly spent and shattered I was certainly fulfilled that day in Southall and made lots of new friends.