Seven Rules of a One Nighter

Are you indulging in lots of one night stands but need to make sure your game playing is right? Maybe you're just getting curious and need to make sure you have what it takes? Whatever your reason may be, these seven basic rules will make sure your experience is straightforward, honest and successfully sexy.

Consider yourself lucky, especially if you landed a one night stand with a complete babe. Don't act overly cocky or you might find yourself heading home solo after all.

Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. If at the last minute you chicken out, not only are you going to have blue balls and end up jacking off all alone at the end of the night, but she will probably make sure that you feel like the idiot that you are!

This is usually not a problem for men, but remember to never get too comfortable and start talking about your life goals. She doesn't care, she wants you naked, in her bed, inside of her and then gone. That's it!

Never cringe at the thought of using protection, or trying to convince her that you don't need it because you got checked last week. Not only do you have no idea if she is clean or not, but it's utterly disrespectful and will completely kill the mood. No one likes a condom, but you should definitely learn to love them when you're hooking up with a stranger.

Never spend the night. It doesn't matter how tired, drunk or early you have to be up, once you're done, you'd better get gone.

Don't send her flowers, chocolates or any other gift of sentimental sweetness. She doesn't care and you shouldn't care. Remember, it was a one night stand. You had sex, and if you're good enough, maybe you'll have sex again, but it's just sex. She doesn't need you to be all romantic, nor does she want you to be. You fulfilled a need as she did for you.

If you happen to run into her again, resist the urge of blabbing to your boys that she's the slag you banged last weekend.

And it's as simple as that. Don't think too much, just keep it simple, sweet and follow the rules.