Sex on The Beach

Candy had been having a fabulous holiday, but felt sad that it would soon be coming to an end. Her friend Ally had bought tickets to a party on the beach for their last night and Candy decided that she was going to go all out , have a great time and take home some holiday memories to remember! She had been at the party for about an hour and was sitting on the beach watching the sun setting and sipping a cocktail, when a tall, dark haired guy caught her eye. He sauntered over, introduced himself as Tom, bought Candy a drink and they chatted. A couple of hours and quite a few more cocktails later, Candy found herself feeling quite drunk and also extremely horny! Her friend Ally was busy chatting with a group of people and Tom - the tall, dark haired guy asked Candy if she fancied a walk further up the beach. Candy willingly agreed and they walked off hand in hand to head for somewhere a little quieter. They walked until they came to a secluded part of the beach, quiet and with large rocks dotted over the sand and then Tom stopped, turned Candy around and pushed her gently and carefully up against a large rock. Candy giggled as Tom hungrily kissed her and slid his hand under the little skirt that she was wearing. He then slid his finger into her, feeling her wetness and then deftly unhooked her bra underneath her top with his other hand, letting her breasts fall free and licking her nipples with his mouth. Candy moaned and groaned until eventually she couldn't take any more and she hurriedly unzipped Tom's trousers, gripped his cock which was by now rock hard, turned herself around and pushed it deep inside of her. Tom fucked Candy hard until he let out a loud moan and shot a load of warm, wet cum deep inside of Candy's pussy. Candy stood there up against the rock, regained her composure and then turned round and faced Tom with a great big smile as his cum dripped down between her legs. The both got themselves together and quietly re-joined the party with no-one actually noticing they had even left! "Been looking for you! got you a drink" her friend Ally said as she skipped over with two glasses in her hand. Candy took the glass from her friend, smiled down at the ice cubes floating around in it and then thought to herself - perfect! Just how I like it.on the rocks!!