Sex Games you Must Try

Of course you remember playing 12 minutes in heaven while you were in school, but what about some fun and sexy adult games that you can play? Here is a list of games that you will definitely need to try. This is going to be one wild ride! Here are three amazing sex games that you just have to try!

60 SECONDS: This is like the adult version of 12 minutes in heaven, only you're not hiding in a closet with a bunch of giggling boys and girls waiting on the other side of the door. Instead, all you need is you and your partner, no one else, well, unless you want to add in more people. Just use your tongue, lips and hands and take turns by picking a specific area on your body and letting the other perform 60 seconds of intense pleasure. Kissing, licking, biting, sucking, caressing, whatever they want, as long as it's on the spot you have picked and for 60 seconds. Nothing more, nothing less.

SEXY DICE: You know you've heard of these before. It's the simplest of sexy games but will definitely send you into a fierce orgy of pleasure, anticipation and orgasms! If you don't want to go out and buy specific sex dice, then all you have to do is get two dice, and associate one with the numbers and make a list of actions for each number, such as kiss, lick, suck, bite, etc. For the other dice, make a list of body parts, neck, legs, vagina, breast, penis, etc. If both dice are the same colour then make sure you know which dice represents which list and get rolling. Literally get rolling with your partner.

WHAT'S THAT OBJECT? All you need is a blindfold and some fun items that you can find around your house, such as a scarf, flowers, lingerie, jewellery, etc. Have your partner blindfolded and lying on their back and trace the objects one by one, along their body whilst they guess what object it was. Although simple, the sensations will not only relax your partner, but make their sense of touch extremely sensitive, perfect for a sex session or oral sex. What's a better way to "win," right?

Whoever said games had to be for kids! Indulge!