Sex Marathon - Why You Shouldnt Have One

Every man dreams of having a marathon in bed, and when we say every man, we mean everyone. While most of you think that a session or two in bed every night is enough, others don’t. They want more, crave more and ultimately get horny more. Men sometimes have urges like rabbits, “energiser bunnies” as we would put it, but even with the dream of lasting longer in bed, we still shouldn’t push it.

And as you may have experienced before, there are times when you encounter a failed finale, an orgasm that came too soon. While this is something men frown upon, this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. You just need to give your body a rest, time to breathe and recuperate. On average, a healthy man takes about 2 days to gain back all the sperm he has lost during one session, and this is assuming that you are not a smoker, a drinker or a drug addict. For those involved in such, the recuperation period may be longer, so just because you’re having sex everyday and getting it on everyday, doesn’t mean you’re capable of a marathon. It just means that your body releases hormones that make you think you've had an orgasm.

And if you’re wondering why there are times that you can’t even get it up, allow us to indulge you in the fact that frequent masturbation is often the reason for this. Say it isn’t true but it is, unusual masturbation habits and patterns are often associated with poor performance in bed and poor performance leads to unpleasant results. While you might want to achieve that “last man standing” sex, sometimes your body disagrees with you. When this happens, never make your partner feel that it’s their fault. Women tend to blame themselves for not being able to get a man to climax. They feel responsible for it and forget that it is not them who want to do a 90-120 minute session. According to some London escorts, they never agree to the desires of men. It’s one thing to have casual sex with them, but it’s another to do a marathon.

Sex shouldn’t be rushed, it’s not a race after all, and what most men forget is that women have more difficulty to orgasm, so their marathon fantasy should wait if they still want to have a girlfriend at the end of the day. If there’s one thing every man should remember, it is the fact that not all men can have sex like an 18-year old and not all 18-year olds can reach orgasm, so whether you like it or not, your dream of having sex like an energiser bunny should probably be put on hold.