Sex in the Moonlight

It was the perfect summers evening, sitting by the camp-fire toasting marshmallows and chilling out. Isadora had driven to her family's holiday home with some friends and a few drinks. Eventually, everyone except Isadora and her friend, Thomas, had called it a night and headed inside to get some sleep. Both Isadora and Thomas stayed awake, giggling in the midst of their intoxication, admiring the beauty of the bright stars and the mesmerising moonlight that the night was providing. Chemistry was something that these two had never lacked.

It took only a few minutes of being alone for Thomas to suggest that they walk down to the beach to fully appreciate the moon's natural beauty shining off of the water. How could anyone resist? With a blanket in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, Isadora and Thomas headed down to the water, in the still night, having only the brightness of the moon lighting their way as they walked.

As the wine bottle was quickly emptying, the chemistry and sexual tension was quickly intensifying. In such a perfect setting, how could it not? Isadora and Thomas had enjoyed each other before, but never on a beach, so of course, all alone in the middle of the night, lying under a sky full of stars, Isadora and Thomas decided to take full advantage of the opportunity, but agreed it would have to be a quickie and also very quiet to ensure they wouldn't get caught.

As they began to undress each other in their tipsy state, the two couldn't help but laugh at the situation they were in. Being eaten alive by mosquitoes had never been so enjoyable! That was another reason they had to be quick as the bugs by the waterside were definitely getting a good taste of the two as well!

Isadora pulled down her cute, little white shorts and rolled over onto her hands and knees. She arched her back, giving Thomas the perfect view of her sweet pussy as he knelt down behind her. As Isadora reached down and pulled her lace thong to the side of her pussy, she looked over her shoulder at Thomas and with a bite on her lip, she said, "Fuck me."

Without hesitation, Thomas pulled his already-throbbing cock from his jeans and licked the tips of his fingers. He placed his spit all over the tip of his cock and reached towards Isadora's throbbing vagina. To his delight, she was already soaking wet and her pussy immediately took his finger as he rubbed it along her hole. Thomas placed his spit covered tip on Isadora's soaking pussy and slowly pushed himself forward, entering himself ever so gently, allowing Isadora to feel every detail and definition of his cock. Inch by inch, he slid himself in further, and further.

"Mmmm," Isadora moaned, "You feel so good tonight."

Once his shaft was fully inside of Isadora's tight pussy, Thomas began thrusting hard and fast, pulling his dick all the way out, only to slam it back inside. He grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks, making her pussy even tighter round his cock as he fucked Isadora faster and harder with every passing minute.

Within seconds, Isadora was begging him to fill her up, begging for his cum to fill her sweet, tight, hole.

"Cum for me, baby." she said.

And with one last pull and thrust, deep into her pussy, Thomas gripped Isadora's tight ass even harder as he exploded a satisfying load of hot cum deep inside of her.