Sex positions to try with the Escorts

Sex can be fun, but only when both people are willing to make some adjustments to what they already know. While classic sex positions may be the style of the Escorts why not surprise her with a twist on the classic?

Ok, so men love to see the escorts breasts bouncing up and down as they ride them cow girl style. Why not add a chair to mix things up a bit. With the addition of the chair she can now give you a lap dance and tease your penis with her clit. How hot is that!!!

This also gives her more balance as she controls her weight on you. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference adding an item to sexual play will stimulate not only the London escorts but you as well.

Next on the list of classics is the doggy style. So here's what you do. As you have her bent over and all exposed ready to receive you, try lifting one of her thighs. This allows you to penetrate her even deeper than before. So with one hand holding her thigh you can use the other hand to play with her breasts, clit or tug her hair.

Next is the missionary position. As the escorts get into position, place a pillow under her bum. Allow her to get comfortable with the height, and then spread her legs apart but keep her feet in a flat position on the mattress. This position also allows for deeper penetration which encourages G-spot stimulation. This of course gives the escorts a more explosive climax. Don't forget you can give her some clit action as well.

This position can be done if you want to wake up the escorts with a bang in the morning. This is called the spoon split. Her back will be facing your chest as you hold her close. This is one of the easiest positions to get into upon waking up in the morning. So now that your penis is hard lift the leg of the London escorts and rest it on your own. This will encourage her legs to be open quite a bit and of course you can enter with ease.

When it comes to sex, the classics always work but that does not mean you can't add a little spice to it. Making it a little more interesting for you as well as the escorts.