Sex in The Rain

There's something so sexy about having sex in the rain. Maybe it's the feeling of your slippery bodies sliding against one another's while the cold rain sends shivers up your spine with every drop. Or maybe it's just the idea of having sex outside that gets you rowdy. There are tons of reasons as to why you should get it on outside in the rain, and Gemma seems to enjoy all of them!

After a nice evening out, the rain began to fall as Gemma and her date headed to her car to say their goodbyes. They had a fantastic date and in no time, it went from fantastic to fantastically orgasmic.

As Gemma's date walked her to her car, they both giggled and swooned over one another whilst being hand in hand. The connection between the two was almost as strong as the sexual tension, which you could definitely feel throughout the air. The rain began to pelt down as they reached her car, and Gemma's date leaned in for a kiss. As he placed his soft lips onto hers, he rested his hands on her hips and slipped his tongue into her mouth. He gripped onto her hips tighter, groaning as he continued to kiss her fiercely and then slid his hands slowly from her hips down to her arse. He moved his hands back up her buttocks, trailing his fingers up the crack of her arse and as he pulled back from the kiss, he was pleasantly surprised to see Gemma biting her lips, wanting more.

He moved closer and pushed Gemma up against her wet car, placing his lips on her soft neck. With every moan, he nibbled and sucked her neck as she motioned for more. Trailing his tongue up her neck and into her mouth, he slid his hand up her skirt and with his index finger, moved her silk knickers to the side. He wasn't sure if she was soaking wet for him, or from the rain, but whatever it was, it was making his cock raging hard.

He plunged his middle finger deep into Gemma's pussy as she gripped his hair and kissed him harder, and then as her pussy got wetter, he slid another finger in with it. With his other hand, he grabbed Gemma's leg and lifted it up around his waist, allowing him to finger fuck Gemma hard and deep. She moaned and pushed hard on his fingers as she leaned up against the car, allowing the rain to soak her already-wet body, and pussy.

Suddenly Gemma's breath grew shorter and her moans grew louder as she bounced up and down on her date's fingers screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He felt her pussy walls throb on his fingers as she grew closer to climax. "I'm going to cum! Make me cum! Make me cum!" she screamed, as he thrust three of his fingers deep into her throbbing pussy. He felt a blast of warm cum pour all over his hand as she tightened her body and then grabbed and pulled him closer to her, and her breath shuddered from pure satisfaction.

Gemma promiscuously admits that it wasn't bad for a first date.