Sex and small spaces

Who says you can't have sex in small places. Isn't the reason for having sex to feel that close physical connection with someone? What better people to have sex in small places with than the escorts in London? The redhead escorts say that having sex in small places increases the adrenalin rush because you feel every curve, every muscle ripple and in a sense, get to taste the person.

Here are a few recommended places from the redhead escorts that you can have sex which are relatively small but still fun too. The first place is the most obvious place of them all - your car. While this may seem a bit uncomfortable, don't rush to the back seat just yet. Shift to the passenger side so that you will have more room to stretch your legs and let the Redhead Escorts take their place on top of you. By the time they are done with you, you will really feel like a king!

Next small space is your wardrobe. I'm sure you have never thought of this one. If you are a bit more adventurous then why not take the redhead escorts to a house party and have some fun in your friend's wardrobe? This should be a nice experience and of course doing it doggie style you can keep on your clothing. Remember to tell the redhead escorts to wear something that is easily accessible for you.

This one may be risky but well worth it - the lift. If there are other people in the lift the redhead escort could stand in front of you with her back to your chest as she reaches behind to play with your member. If you want to go all out then you go boy!

The next place you probably have had sex in already but it doesn't hurt to share it is the shower. This may seem like a clich but if you really want to relax your muscles and release a bit of stress before getting down and dirty, then the shower is a great place! The redhead escorts loves this small space best because it cools you down as you get heated up.

Another great place for some sneaky sex is a fitting room. Redhead escorts say this is one of the hardest places to get away with having sex because there are always so many people around but it's not impossible. Great fun, made even greater by the fact that there are people all around you!

When it comes to sex, keep in mind that it can be done anywhere. Do the possible in impossible places and only then you'll know what you are made of!