Sex with strangers

Amanda had always had a fascination for sex with strangers, so when her boyfriend had suggested that they try the swingers party that they had heard about, Amanda was more than up for it! It was a comfortable house and there were a lot of different people of all age groups mixing and mingling and getting to know each other. Amanda was eager to start having some fun, so she grabbed her boyfriend's hand and led him upstairs to see where the action was happening. In the first room, Amanda peered in and could see two women enjoying some girl on girl action. Horny and ready to join in, Amanda asked the girls if they would mind if she joined them. The girls were only too pleased to gain another participant, so Amanda stripped off and lay down on the bed between the two of them. Her boyfriend stood watching along with a few other guys, almost unnoticed by the three women and thoroughly enjoyed watching Amanda as she romped with the two girls, kissing them, then each of them taking turns to lick and finger each other and suck and play with each other's breasts. Amanda was having a great time and none of the girls missed out on any of the fun, as when one was giving oral to the other, the third one would be either playing with the recipients breasts of fingering her whilst she was being licked, or lying underneath the one that was giving it and licking her clit. Amanda's boyfriend was by now rock hard and wanted to walk over, put her on her back and fuck her hard, but Amanda hadn't finished yet! She told him to wait patiently and walked him out to see what was happening in the second bedroom. When they walked in, it was dark but there was what looked like a mass orgy going on, so Amanda turned to him and said "now we're going to have some fun"! Her boyfriend smiled broadly as Amanda jumped in and proceeded to be fucked by four different men in succession. Watching her loving it and taking the cum from each different man, he was finally unable to take watching any more. Amanda then allowed her boyfriend to join her and he fucked her until she literally couldn't take it any more. She then rested on her elbow, fully satisfied and proceeded to watch her boyfriend getting his well-earned piece of the action! Amanda and her boyfriend had a great time that night and both decided that from then on, that swinging was for them, most definitely the way forward!