Sexual Fantasies: The Female Perspective

If you think that your woman isn't sitting around thinking of the naughty things she'll do to you then you're wrong. Just because women are perceived as being more refined than men it doesn't mean they can't be sexual on their own. In fact, according to some London escorts, the reason why their clients come back to them isn't just because they're good in bed, but because they can stimulate them even outside of lovemaking.

It takes one woman to give good sex, but it takes an even smarter woman to keep his man on top of his game even out of bed. But did you know that a vast number of women don't just fantasise about you, they imagine a whole lot, something not even you can't fathom.

Imagination is a powerful thing

Fortunately for you reading this, we've got the low down on what women are thinking of now:

1. Dominating you - Women love strong men; those with big arms, bulging chest and a stamina that can last the entire night. But what you don't know about her is that she secretly wants to dominate you. She wants to be able to take charge of that big, masculine man in her bed. After all, a woman is to be adored and worshipped, let's just say they sometimes can be playful too.

2. Dominating her - now there's another form of domination and yes, this time around, it involves you being the one dominating her. Think of it as a reward for being such a loving partner, that she wants to be enslaved by your amazing body. Her honest to goodness approach in bed is her way of saying "pin me down and make love to me." Now tell us, who doesn't want their woman to be aroused by the thought of you taking control.

3. The Britney Spears Fantasy - if you're not familiar with the breakout song of Britney Spears when she was 15 then you're probably too young or too old. But for the benefit of those innocent (or ignorant) men, the student-teacher fantasy works like a charm especially for young women. The affectionate and nurturing character of a teacher is what gets women titillated, so the next time you do it, why don't you put on a nice tie and act like her professor.

4. Threesome - now, this may come as a surprise to you. Women love the idea of having a threesome, with other women of course. Not because they want to swing the bat on both sides but rather to see you get so aroused by two equally attractive and hot women both vying for your attention. You may think she's being too competitive, but trust us; she'll do wonders just to get your attention.

Sex with a Stranger - having sex with a complete and total stranger may sound freaky to you, but it gets women so high, and it's proven. Remember, women are as sexual as you are, so don't get all too preachy when they do this.