Sexual Fantasies: The Mythical 5

There's a saying that two is a couple and three is a crowd. But with our Sexual Fantasies instalment, we don't think you'll ever need another one to fill in the void.

You see, in the first article, we gave you what women want, what they fantasise about, what their secret sexual desires are, and while it was entertaining and informative, there's got to be something more. And you're right, there is. In this article you will find the Mythical 5: the 5 Top Sexual Fantasies of Men and Women and we've got every juicy detail you can find.

Top 5: Having a Threesome with Two Men - now this one definitely is for the woman. Unless, of course, you're gay; but most London escorts revealed that having two men worship her body in the most erotic and most sexual way is what truly gets them high. We know we said that threesome with another woman gets her all excited, but having sex with two men takes the cake. After all, why would a woman want another woman to arouse her when she's got two fine men drooling and ogling at her salacious body?

Top 4: Being A Voyeur - we get it. Most men want to watch porn; both men and women enjoy porn. But not as much as men do, let's face it, and please don't deny it, you get extremely turned on when you watch a woman having sex with another man (sex with another woman would be a totally different story). It's not so much about "spying" on them but about the thrill you get just by watching them get their frisky on, now the real turn on here isn't just you watching them, it's you being watched by others too. Now that's got to be a blockbuster.

Top 3: Unpredicted Fantasies - ever imagined your woman being persuaded to do something that she wouldn't normally indulge in? Well, if you have, then congratulations, because that's the 3rd runner up for the best sexual fantasies any man or woman could have. Imagination is a powerful thing and we don't think we need to explain this any more.

Top 2: Exhibitionism - every woman secretly wants to be fantasised by her man and these fantasies can be a boost for both partners to indulge in sizzling sex. Women like showing off and dream about taking their clothes off while walking along a beach, or fantasise about having sex in a public place. Some women even go as far as making their own sex tape just to seal the deal. But mind you, if you think they're doing it for you, think again, sometimes, they just want to see themselves getting raunchy.

Top 1: Dancing in Private - and the one that brings home the cake is actually inside the cake. Yes, women enjoy the pleasure of dancing for their man in private. It may be a profession for some women but to those who have long and stable partnerships, being able to put a spice in their relationship is something they'd be thrilled to do.

Our last and final instalment of this series talks about how men deal with their own fantasies and what it really means. Stay tuned.