A Sexy Reminder

Everyone knows that the perfect way to make up after an argument is with some dirty down time and a Hampstead escort sexy babe.Chiara recently shared this sexy story about how she made up with her "more frequent than others" sex partner. Chiara wanted to remind him of how good he has it fucking her each and every day, so she planned a surprise that would be sure to rock his cock. Read on for the dirty details.

Chiara knew what time her dude would be home from work, so she took hours to set up for her devious and delicious plan. Chiara jumped in the shower and did some preparation and pampering so her long legs were fresh and soft and her ass was silky smooth! She styled her hair into a frisky, wavy sex hairdo and let it be. Chiara wanted herself to look like she'd had a long day at work, come home to let her hair down... just to get railed by her guy.

Chiara also wanted to be that dirty little porn star he always desired so she did her makeup just to please this fantasy of his. She put on her sexiest leopard print lingerie, highest stiletto black heels and a long black coat to cover herself up and jumped in her car. All you could see were her smooth, sexy legs coming from underneath the coat, and at the right angle, you could even catch a glimpse of her fresh pussy.

Chiara drove to this guy's house and walked right in to find him sitting on the couch, she stood there for a second, right in front of him, with just the coat and shoes on. Chiara looked him up and down and bit her lip as she dropped the coat to her ankles. There she was, standing there with next to nothing on, in front of him, craving him.

Chiara then walked towards him and without saying a word, spread her long legs to straddle him, placing her warm pussy right on his crotch. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back and looked right into his eyes and said,
"Aren't you gonna fuck me?"

Now that is one way to solve a bad argument! All you need is a sweet, warm, craving pussy placed on your dick and all your problems will float away. At least that's how the glamorous Chiara does it... and she's definitely a woman that knows what she's doing... and what she wants.