Sexy Seduction

Seduction is the way to the heart. No, that's totally a lie. Seduction is the way to the vagina and if you know how to play your cards right then you can have any (and every) woman just waiting for you to take them home. However, you must remember to always be a gentleman. Even women that are "DTF" (dying to fuck) want to be treated like a ladies, well, at least until they get into the bedroom! Patience, understanding and timing is all you need. Sure, patience, understanding and timing seems easy for most, but not always for those males. Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to make her want you more and more.

Charm goes a long way. Of course, you've heard it a million times before and that's because it's true! In order to successfully seduce someone, you need to be able to turn the charm on when it's needed. You wouldn't want to approach and have a conversation with an unattractive and boring woman, so why would she want to do the same? Just like you, women love men that have charm without being an arrogant, cocky prick. Sometimes less is more, when it comes to laying on the charm.

Being irresistible takes practice because often, women don't even know what makes one irresistible. If the attraction is there then seduction should come easy. Of course if she's not attracted to you, seducing her will be anything but successful. Be smooth, polite and proper, and remember chivalry is not dead. Women drool over that stuff!

Conversation is usually a make or break situation for most females when working out if a guy has potential or not. If you can't hold a conversation, albeit an intelligent one, then your chances will decrease. Relate to her and you'll be fascinated with how well it works.

Passion drives seduction so it only makes sense that you should be passionate, whether you're passionate about what you do for a living, a hobby or for a woman herself.

Now that you have that sexy female wooing you, master and hone your skills by successfully seducing her both in and out of the bedroom!