Shower Surprise

Whilst holidaying with a girlfriend, Sophia had met a tattooed guy while out one night, having fun in one of the beachside clubs. Drunk and eager to be pleased, Sophia brought him back to the hotel room, where her girlfriend was sleeping away in one of the beds. Being the caring kind of girl, Sophia made it known that they mustn't wake up her girlfriend. With the hotel room being so small, Sophia had no other choice for location and grabbed her beach hunk and pulled him into the bathroom. She slowly undressed and asked him to join her as she slipped into the shower and behind the curtain.

With the warm water drizzling down her back, Sophia bent down sticking her naked ass out, letting the water drip across her backside, down her pussy and splash onto the wet bathroom floor. Her holes were open, craving for this tattooed guy, who was standing behind her gripping his throbbing cock, just waiting to enter her.

Without any warning, the guy thrust his hard cock deep into her pussy, leaving her screaming. He pounded hard as he grabbed her wet hips, allowing him to fuck her deeper and rougher. Enjoying the pleasurable pain, Sophia began to moan and scream, begging him to ravish her harder and harder.

He thrust hard and deep as he watched Sophia's face change from the pleasure of his big dick slamming into her. He watched as the warm water drizzled over his dick and splashed when his pubic bone hit her ass. Sophia was dripping wet in every way imaginable, and it was making his dick just want to explode.

Just as he was about to climax, he grabbed her tits in one hand, and told her to look at him. As Sophia turned to watch this guy pound her fiercely, his teeth were clenched as he neared climax. As he grew closer and closer, the thrusts got harder and faster. As he slammed his dick deep inside of Sophia, his face was showing immense pleasure as he was fucking her.

Just as the beach boy reached his peak, he slammed his finger deep into Sophia's luscious ass, while he exploded deep inside her pussy. He filled her every hole, as she screamed from painful pleasure. He dug his finger deep in her sweet little asshole as he shivered from releasing every last

drop of cum he left inside of her.

Needless to say, Sophia's girlfriend didn't get much sleep that night.