Shw was made into a sub slag

Lori has been an escort for a couple years now. She was a favourite for most as she was one of the most attractive girls that you could ever imagine. She had long, wavy blonde hair, fair skin and an incredibly tight body. She was petite in the waist but had curves that could make any man scream and lose their load at any given moment. Her large tights were shaped like melons and her ass was bodacious. She truly had an hour glass figure.

One on particular night, she had met with a client for a nice seafood dinner which quickly leads to her house. She gave him a quick tour of her home, leaving her bedroom the last stop of the tour. When they arrived to her bedroom, Lori sat on the edge of the bed. She patted a spot on the bed beside her and motioned her client to come take a seat beside him. Her invitation was accepted and he sat at the foot of the bed and placed his hand on her knee. She leaned in and began to kiss him on his neck, and slowly trailed her soft lips and tongue up to his lips. In a moment, they were heavily making out as they were stretched out on the bed. They began to undress each other as they continued to vigorously make out.

Lori reached for his boxers but he quickly pulled her hand away and whispered that she couldn't have it just yet. This made her soaking wet as she questioned him. He replied with a question as he asked if she had ever been tied up before. Lori giggled and told a little bit of a white lie to play up the submissive part. She said the thought of it scared her. Her client began to tell her that she needed to trust him. His confidence made her extremely horny as she continued to play up the submissive slut that she was. Her client reached for her bra and began to tie her hands. He used her shirt to blindfold her. She was nervous, but eager to get kinky. It wasn't often that a client took control of her body.

Lori sat there blindfolded in silence. He removed his boxers and before she knew it, her clients cock was thrusting inside of her. She instantly came but he immediately pulled out as her pussy clenched down on his shaft. She wasn't sure what was happening as she couldn't see a thing. To her surprise, he began to squeeze her nipples. The sensation drove her wild. Then, he finally spoke again.

"I want you to lay there and be quiet." At that moment, he thrusted his cock deep inside of her again. She instantly came again, only this time, he didn't pull out. He kept pumping his throbbing hard cock inside of her little pussy until she felt him fill her little pussy with his load. Feeling his cock squirt inside of her could have made her cum right then, right there... For the third time, but she resisted.

As he removed his cock, she could hear her client shuffling around on the bed. Before she could ask any questions, she felt his half limp dick in her mouth. She could taste the mixture of his cum and her pussy and began to tongue his shaft.

"Lick it clean, bitch." He demanded.

Lori obeyed his commands as she gagged on the taste of her own pussy. This instantly made his dick ragging hard again as she licked and sucked the sweet mixture of cum off of his shaft. Once he was cleaned, her client untied his hands and demanded that she play with her pussy until she cums again. She began to vigorously finger herself until she let out a hot stream of cum that squirted all over the face of her client. He opened his mouth and took every last drop of her squirting cum, and then leaned down and licked every crevice of her hole and pussy lips. He licked her clean, not leaving one drop of cum inside of her.