Spotting a gold digger

Some men find it hard to spot an authentic woman with whom they can settle down with and start a family, because of the sea of gold diggers that are out there amongst them. You are tired of women who only ask for hand outs because they know that you are successful at what you do. Like any boyfriend, you feel obligated to do this because it is in your nature to be the provider, but do they really like you for who you are, like the London escorts or are they just after your money?

For guys who are not sure how to spot gold diggers, they need to have a strategy in place when they are going on dates in order to find the authentic women and leave the gold diggers by the road side. Will you be lying to her? No not really, you are just not showing her all of who you are just yet until you can truly trust her intentions.

Strategies for keeping gold diggers at bay

Don’t mention what you do for a living (at least not yet). If you are an entrepreneur, tell her you are working on a couple of ideas. Just don’t be too specific on what you are working on. If you have a business partner tell her that you and a friend are just dabbling in a few things at the moment.

Don’t be too flashy. Leave the Rolex watch and designer jeans in your closet, for now. Wear more casual, every day clothing and remember to keep it simple.

Budget when you go on dates. Don’t spend £400 and £500 dollars on meals since that is a dead give away, instead opt for hot dogs from a cart or a reasonably affordable meal. Instead of taking her to the opera or the ballet try out the new fast food restaurant that just opened down the street or take her to the movies and buy a big container of popcorn to share.

If you are already with someone who you feel is a gold digger, adjust your lifestyle. Tell her that you made a bad business deal and you lost a lot of money. Move into a smaller place that is a lot less luxurious and work on a budget. If you have an authentic woman she will stick by your side like glue and help you figure out a way out of your problem. If you have a gold digger, she will complain and then eventually just leave giving you some lame excuse as to why she can’t stay with you, unlike a London escort.