Sssshhhh Don’t Orgasm in the Library

It was a warm September afternoon in a North London Uni library and all the students were flocking in ready to start a new academic year. My name is Helen, I'm a 48 year old housewife married to Dan who works at the Uni as lecturer in electrical engineering.

Because of Dan, I had access to the Uni library which was pretty well stocked, it was better than our local public one. I was sitting in the back of an empty study room when suddenly a beautiful 19 year old girl who was dressed in nothing but a skimpy crop top and shorts entered the library. From the moment she walked in a strange feeling came over me. All of a sudden I was starting to feel horny inside, my tits and my nipples were starting to become very hard and my pussy was starting to get hot, moist and wet.

I was discreetly rubbing my pussy, playing with it for what seemed like forever, I knew she couldn't see me from where I was. Finally, I left my table and went to a staff toilet where I took off all my clothing and started to fantasise about this young woman that I hardly knew, that I only saw for about 5 seconds walking in the library. I finally came not with a whimper but with a big bang. I could feel the cum shoot all over me from the inside as I screamed in total sexual pleasure.

When it was all over and when it came time to clean up sheer panic struck me. Here I was a 48 year old woman, happily married to a fine wonderful husband for 25 wonderful years. A woman who always loved men her entire life and all of a sudden I was starting to be drawn to a woman. Not only a woman but a younger woman I barely knew except for those few moments.

After I cleaned up from my masturbation session, I went back into the library to introduce myself to the student. We exchanged pleasantries and she told me her name was Amy. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful shapely figure of Amy. She had beautifully long shoulder length blond hair and had 34DD tits. Her physical appearance blew me away like crazy. The sexual feelings that I thought I had relived myself from minutes earlier started coming back.

Then came the moment that would gradually change my life forever, "Amy, do you mind if I help you settle in and show you around?" I asked. "That would be awesome; my course doesn't start until Thursday anyway so I'm really at a loose end and finding my feet here." Amy said. As the day wore on I began to look at her more often, I started to stare at that sleek beautiful body of hers, so youthful and so full of energy and life. The hard work of getting settled continued for a few hours until about 1pm and we would stop for lunch. As it was so warm I also changed my top for a much lighter and flimsy one, I always carry a spare in the car anyway.

Now it was Amy's turn to start feeling hot and horny. "It looks just great." she said. We then settled down to a lunch of Caesar wraps and J20's. I noticed that all through lunch Amy was starting to play with herself rubbing herself all over. "What's wrong Amy?" I asked. "You're making me so horny with your tight short top that I feel like I just wanted to go off," Amy replied.

We had a nice lunch together for an hour and then we returned to library study room to go through all her text books. Sitting at that empty table together collecting our thoughts when all of a sudden my hand reached out and touched Amy's arms. My hand was caressing the smooth surface of Amy's arm and Amy was in a state of ecstasy. "Oh, Helen please touch me, it feels so good," Amy said. Amy loved it. She loved the touch of my hand across her arm. I felt if this touch had be so welcomed, would I be able to get away with reaching into her shorts and stroking her pussy. As if to read my mind she wriggled and opened the fly of her shorts exposing a scanty piece of white lace. I winded my finger in and parting that string of lace I sought that hood which was already so wet.

We flicked the catch on the door and adjusted the blinds that were sandwiched in the glass patrician walls. I lay her across the desk slowly removed those shorts and panties, I wanted to examine her. I wanted to see those beautiful wet lips which had just so readily parted for me just moments ago. I took a deep breath and placed my mouth over her mound and for the first time I sucked pussy. She arched her back panting and moaning. I licked from slit to ass, savouring all her taste and scent, I feasted on the most perfectly formed labia teasing that clit I had already touched with my finger. Ohhh it tasted even better than it felt, I was so aroused at the sight of this beautiful girl, I stood back and observed her touching her breasts. I thrust my fingers deep in her pussy just as she squirted over the table Cumming with her back so taut. My most perfect squirting creature.

Little had I realised at the time that the initial caress would soon develop into an unexpected love between us that would last the duration of her degree.