The Step Father

I lost my Father when I was quite young, he and my Mother were already estranged as I learnt from an early age my Mother had an insatiable sexual appetite. It was only as a teenager I understood the real reason she disappeared into the bedroom when my Step Father came home from work. Very soon there would be cries of pleasure and grunts as he buried himself in her. I used to get really embarrassed and crank my music up loud so I could drown out the noise. As I got older I got curious and when I reached 18 I knew I had inherited that same quest for sexual desire as my Mother.

I found myself fantasising about my step Father, I still lived at home and I began to look forward to when he got home as I listened to the sounds coming from the bedroom. I grew wet at the sound of their lovemaking, I grew jealous too, I wanted cock it didn't seem fair why she had it all. I had taken to sneaking around outside their bedroom listening to them in more volume, a few times I was so lucky as the door had been left ajar and I could see he had an almighty huge fat cock. No wonder my Mother loved it so much, god I wanted to feel that girth driving home inside me. I was so wet watching it cleave her in two, her head thrust back with beads of sweat on her brow. I pushed my fingers into my cunt, pushing my labia apart in a fury to reach my golden nub of desire. Some I was cumming and returning to my room.

One day I got home from sixth form and there was a note from my Mother saying she was out until late and dinner was in the fridge for myself and step Father. At 5.15pm he cycled down the drive and coming home he looked crestfallen when I said my Mother was out. A smile formed on my lips and an idea began. "She did say I was too look after you in exactly the same way as if she was here". He looked confused and I said "I believe I need to give you a hand to get changed". I wandered off to their bedroom, into the en suite and began to run the shower. "Del, the showers ready", I called to him. I found the fluffiest towels and laid them out on the bed along with some massage oil.

He looked surprised to see me still in the bedroom when he wandered out naked, I noticed his cock was huge even though it was flaccid. I told him to lay face down and I'd dry him off, he seemed a bit unsure but he could see I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I worked his back and neck, he let out a sign and the tension of the day melted away. As I started to work his lower back, lower and lower till I virtually in his crack he started shifting uncomfortably and I realised he had an erection. I discreetly removed my clothes and oiling my tight firm 18 year old breasts I began to slide them over his buttocks. I let a pool of oil slide through the crack and dribble onto his balls. I whispered to him that I knew he was expecting a fuck at this time of day so I was there as a substitute. He told me he couldn't betray my Mother but I crossed my toes, lied and said but she told me she needed a break and I was to step in this evening and that includes fucking you.

"Feel my very wet snatch, it's all shaven just how you like it". I pushed him onto his back and said he'd better eat me out, I told him I'd endured watching him give my Mother all the pleasure so by fuck I was going to have it today. I rocked back and forth on his mouth as he delved his tongue deep inside me sucking me like a pro. I could feel his 'five o clock shadow', it felt rough and good, feeling that texture was sending me wild. I would not allow myself to cum yet. I was determined to ride that beast, he must have been about 12 inches erect, he reached up and groaned as he fondled my tits, much younger, bigger and firmer than he was used to. I slid my body downwards, reaching into his mouth with my tongue so I could taste myself. His hot breathe tasted of my salty cum and it excited me wildly.

I positioned my cunt over his cock and in one pop I slid the whole lot in, I squealed as he filled me, it hurt, I was stretched, he was too big for me but Uhhhhh, it was so damned good. I rocked back and forth enjoying the natural lubrication. I then began to ride, arching my back twisting my own hair, he reached up to grab my nipples. My internal vaginal muscles clenched, the walls of my tunnel were on fire, I wanted to milk him I wanted to feel his cum enter my ripe cervix I didn't care of the consequences I needed that seed after all the torment of watching it slice my Mother it was now my turn. With a huge shudder I cried out and came as he fired hot steaming jets of that sticky cum inside me. I sat on that cock until all life drained out of it, I wanted to feel it slink away, I didn't want to waste a single bit of it.

It turns out my Mother will be out late every Thursday as she has started a course at the local night school. Of course it would be rude not to attend to my Step Father in her place.