The Dos and Donts of Body Hair Grooming


We may well be aware of our own grooming habits but that doesn't mean that we’re doing the right thing. Most of the time, our grooming habits don’t normally make us look good. And one very good example of these “bad habits” is our body hair. And you may choose to argue that shaving off body hair is a practice that only women are socially accepted to indulge on, the male metrosexual movement has made it possible for the society to open such case to men as well. In fact, doing the opposite of what this movement suggests has become the taboo in male grooming habits.

“Manscaping” or grooming of men’s body hair is now a socially acceptable habit and is even considered as one of the most essential grooming habits a man should know and live with. But this doesn't mean that you should head out to your waxing salon and have everything removed or go crazy with your razor. There are ways to groom your body hair that is both sexy and impressive for women and there are those can just send them right out of your apartment. So in our attempt to make it easy for the metrosexual man, we asked a couple of London escorts about what they’d like to see in a guy when he’s naked. And we bet you won’t be surprised when we tell you that the first area to give importance in body hair grooming is your armpit hair. Men have hair under their arms or pits, and it’s something that women have already accepted. However, keeping it long and untamed is something they’re definitely not buying. If you think growing your armpit hair is sexy, it’s not. Keeping it at a reasonable length without fully shaving it is one way of saying that you know how to take care of your body and that you care enough not to scare other people off with your unkempt jungle hiding right under your pits.

And if you think going bare all the way is going to get you laid, then you’re probably thinking the impossible. While it is acceptable to shave a few of your body hair, doing a Brazilian all over your body hair is something that is frowned upon. No man alive has snagged a woman by showing his naked glory, all in its hairless glory. It just doesn’t work that way; body hair is a symbol of power and masculinity, but just as the adage goes, too much of anything is bad. Having too much hair on your chest, your pits, and your privates is just a sign that you’re having way too much fun and not having enough time to groom yourself properly.

We know how confusing it can be to base your grooming habits on women’s perspective and we are not suggesting that you do, all we’re saying is that when you know what women want, you would know how to groom yourself better. After all, men do it for one reason and that reason is pretty obvious.