Dress like a Real Man


It is definitely a good thing that the male species of today has finally decided to clear their closets of baggy and grimey clothes and, really dress the hell up. In fact, most of us guys have traded our Sports Illustrated and other manly magazines for fashion-savvy ones like GQ and Esquire. That's definitely cool. But, while we have been paying attention to what's hot in terms of the best looks for this season, there are still some pieces that should be avoided by any and all respectable alpha males.

First, take out the neon-coloured shirts. Matter of fact, get rid of any neon-coloured pants, hats and shoes as well. Not only is it a questionable look but the colour takes away your masculine character. Instead, when people look at you on the street, they most certainly would automatically think that you're going out on a date with another man instead of a sizzling hot East London escort. Definitely not a good look for men, both literally and figuratively.

And then, lose the ultra-short cut off shorts. Before you bring out that pair of scissors, make sure that you have measured the right length for your shorts. And right length means that they are not too much above or below the knee. Cut too long and you'd look like a middle-aged creep. Cut too short, and you might as well throw your masculinity out of the window.

These past few years, real men are perceived as those who wear loose-fitting and downright unflattering clothes. However, that should not be the case today. Throw out your baggy jeans, the faded, loose-as-hell tees and your bacon-striped underwear. Oh, and your eight year-old knackered boots should go away as well. Remember, fellas, form-fitting is the golden rule when it comes to selecting clothes that any real man should buy.

Speaking of shoes, get rid of the square-toed ones that you use for work. Square toes are one of the most hideous designs ever, and are again, unflattering to any look. These shoes are only reserved for those who have Zoolander-ish fashion sense. It was a cool movie, but one that should not be influenced by real-life situations, particularly in everyday dressing. Instead, invest on classic silhouettes like toecaps and brogues.

And finally, ease up on the hair products. Hair gels are a no-go, most definitely, that is unless you are a die-hard Slipknot fanatic. Wax products are OK, but only when used the right way. Not only is it a bad look when done wrong, hair that has a rock-hard texture has a bad feel, too.