What Makes You Men Style Guru’s


OK, so what is that makes the male of the species stylish, an Icon a Guru? There are many theories and indeed answers to that particular question. There is the thought that having the ability to spend thousands of pounds on a three-piece suit, and matching accessories, goes a long way toward this enviable title. Another train of thought is the fact that most stylish males have a very finely honed eye for complementary accessorising, thus enabling them to portray the complete package. This is something our escorts in London like very much, the package that is. But at the end of the day, style is well and truly a blend of these factors which include what you wear and how you conduct yourself, and more so, how you carry off the illusion.

Trends, fads and fashions come and go a bit like the weather, but style and class are a quality that individuals possess from virtually birth and for a lifetime. Much like our young escorts who love to rub shoulders and other bodily parts with those handsome style icons. Cast your minds back to the dizzy heights of the 80's and those neon T-shirts with the must- have white suit, complimented by the no socks look. You know where we are going, Sonny Crockett, aka Miami Vice. More recently you may remember the yellow sunglasses virtually everybody who was anybody was slipping on. Now you can see why they are called trends and fashion statements, but like all passing phases, they're okay for the time being, but definitely don't warrant longevity.

For the most stylish of you out there, immortal clothing items like those up-market classical suits and the urbane blue designer labelled jeans, will forever be in demand, and warrant style icon status. These somewhat defined status symbols of modern culture are unpretentious and will look good on virtually everyone. What would look very good on you would of course be a stylish, ephemeral and stunning escort in London, who would compliment any style guru, albeit in different demeanour. Remember a pair of jeans that might look astounding on you might look completely rank on another chappie.

Deportment very much makes the difference. You slouch at the bar, unshaven, and in your Joe Average clothing, and you have no chance of pulling that hot little number across the way. More than likely you would get the brush off or find that the sexy little filly, or even an escort in London on a night off, would give the glance of death, the old cold shoulder treatment. You might just find that you are being compared to the Hunch Back of Notre Dame, instead of the Lunch Box of London. Don't get me wrong, you don't necessarily need to lavish thousands on the way you look, but in some cases it might just help along the way.