Tips for Men in Taking Care of Their Clothes


Now that men are on a par with women when it comes to fashion, it is high time that they learn how to adapt to today’s fashion trends. Women are known to have large collections of clothes and girlie stuff like bags, shoes and much more. Shopping is a sacred tradition for women, they have this natural way of dressing well and staying on top of the latest trends.

Today, men are actually moving forward with their own individual style and have developed an interest in fashion sense so that they too can look good. Now that men today are exposed to beautiful young ladies like the popular London escorts, they really need to be at their best, but taking care of the clothes is really an important matter when it comes to men. You might think that you can just take your shirts, neck ties, jeans and other clothes to the dry cleaners and have them cleaned, but dry cleaners sometimes can be a little careless with your clothes if they are not careful, which may lead to damage.

For men, it can be a burden to take care of the laundry themselves. In fact, all some men care about is washing their underwear on a daily basis and other items such as shirts and jeans etc sometimes don’t get washed as often as they could be!

Keep in mind that clothes are also made of organic materials so they do not last forever. To ensure that clothes last longer, have a look at the following tips and guidelines.

  • Always wash your clothes at the correct temperature. Tap water can be at times hard (meaning it has mineral impurities that prevent soap from taking effect). In a hard water area it can be beneficial to use a softener in the water, which will then alter its properties. Make sure that the water is at the correct temperature by reading the label on the garment.
  • Always separate dark coloured clothes from light ones otherwise dark colored clothes can sometimes run during the wash cycle and leave markings on the lighter ones.
  • Separate hard fabrics such as denims from softer and more delicate fabrics such as polyester, cotton and silk.
  • Always use a gentle cycle when washing to prevent the clothes from being damaged.
  • Use mild detergents because they are ideal for soft fabrics.
  • As much as you can, try not to use a clothes dryer because it can loosen the fabric easily. If the weather is fine and it is possible, then let the clothes dry naturally outdoors. Not only does it leave them smelling lovely and fresh but it can also protect your clothes. Also remember to iron the clothes properly because if you don’t iron out the folds and creases correctly they may be very hard to remove the next time you iron them.

These helpful tips can not only help extend the life of your garments but also ensure that you are taking the correct steps to keep them at their best.