What Your Brands say about You


The saying The clothes make a man is not necessarily true. While the clothes generally tell you what a man's personality is like, the clothing brands will tell you exactly what kind of life he leads. Although generalising a man isn't exactly what a woman should do, most St Albans escorts pick their clients depending on the brand of clothes they wear. According to them, its easier and safer to date men who wear designer clothes than those wearing off the rack pieces. Why? Designer clothing often connotes a high-paying job, an established career and definitely a huge bank account. So why would you settle for those who go for Gap and such like when you can snag a man wearing a custom made Tom Ford suit?

And while stereotyping is the science of inaccuracy, it wont hurt if you try to understand what your choice of brands say about you and what they are telling the rest of the world.

So here are some of the famous male brands and what they say about you:

Nike. If you're seen wearing Nike, then you are probably an athlete or a middle manager with a love for sports. You don't mind looking drab so long as you get maximum comfort from your clothes. You're the bachelor everyone wants to hang out with, except when its football season, and you stuff your fridge with the latest sports drinks that there are to be found on the market, and that's not a good sign. Chances are, your wife left you because you were too busy watching your team score rather than trying to score with her.

Levis. Now if you're spotted wearing faded and acid-washed or soiled Levis jeans, then you're probably a country guy trying out the life of a city man. You're laid back and cool and don't give a stuff about what other people think. You like things that last. You put high regard and value on practicality and chances are you're still living in your parents home.

Ed Hardy. And who says, wearing Ed Hardy to a formal event makes you look like a douche? Everyone! Wearing hideous crap all over your body is the best way to say I don't pay for anything, so Ill just go buy whatever I think looks good on me. But the problem is you don't know what looks good on you so you end up piling on the tackiest looking clothes on the face of the earth.

Lanvin, Kenneth Cole and J.Crew. Now if you're wearing Lanvin, Kenneth Cole or even J.Crew, you're probably fresh out of college, making your way through the job market, and you still live with your parents. You're the youngest child who was never really excelled at anything except making yourself look good. You want to be noticed so you wear the most expensive brands on your body in the hope that you get a bit of attention from the people who matter, and who are they again?

You see whatever brand you wear says something significant about you, and whether you like it or not, people will be judging you based on how you look, so if you don't want to see the look on other peoples faces, its best to stay away from drab or tacky clothing or even too expensive if it looks like you couldn't afford them yourself.