Submissive Escorts are Best

I was told at the front desk to head to the room and just go straight in. I had a private birthday party to attend. This guy was very particular and even while talking to him on the phone to find out more about what he wanted he sounded dominating. Guys like this would usually hire submissive escorts such as myself to live out their fantasies when they could get real life women to go with the flow.

I entered the room and before me stood a muscular, tall, dark and handsome God. Even though his cock was limp it was still large. He wasted to time in greeting my by the name he would use for the rest of the night.

“Good night slave,” he said with a smirk.

I closed the door and replied, “Good night Master,” as I curtsied before him.

“Strip and bow before me.”

I did as I was told and bowed at his feet waiting for the next command.

“I am here to please you Master.”

“Take my cock and suck it slave.”

She noticed that he was almost at a full erection when her head lifted to meet his cock at eye sight. I licked my lips as I stroked his cock. I watched it come to full life in my hands before I covered it with my mouth. He wrapped my hair around his hand slammed his cock into my mouth repeatedly. I squeezed my cheeks together to give him a tighter sensation around his cock. He appreciated this sensation and loosened my hair a bit but my scalp still burned. It wasn’t long before his cum ran down my throat. I was a bit disappointed but I knew that this was just the beginning of this to come.

“Stand slave.”

I stood. He turned and walked to the bedroom I followed him quietly. When we got to the bedroom I saw a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs. He handed me the blindfold and I put it on. He led me to the bed.

“Lie down and stretch your hands towards the bedpost.”

I tried to feel around and get in the middle of the bed. I stretched my hand as he wanted. When my hand was in position I felt the handcuffs clasp around my wrist. He slowly traced his fingers along my legs. He passed my pussy and continued along my stomach. His fingers lingered under my breasts outing it painfully slow. He circled my nipples with his fingers then his tongue. He squeezed my breast hard a flickered my now hardened nipple with his tongue. I felt something clip one nipple then the other. I moaned loudly as I feel myself dripping on the bed. My breathing was now in short quick gasps.

“Open your legs slave.”

“Yes Master.”

He rubbed between her legs. I moaned as he quickly slid past my pussy lips and inserted his fingers into me. I felt his mouth on my clit and I shrieked with pleasure. He applied pressure with his tongue my clit then released, applied then released.

“Master, can I cum?” I asked croakily.

“Not yet slave. I’m not finished with you.”

I bit my lip. I tasted blood. My body was quivering from trying not to explode. When his magnificent cock filled me it was even harder to stay in control. He kissed my earlobe and planted smaller kisses on my neck.

“Master, I can cum?” This time I begged. But I needed his permission.

“Not yet slave.”

He pressed my clit as he drove his cock deeper into me. I screamed out I couldn’t hold it any more. I squirted all over him but he didn’t stop he kept fucking me until he filled my pussy with his fluids.

“You were disobedient slave,” he said as he shifted his weight on her.

“I know Master. Please punish me.”

She felt her hands being uncuffed. He flipped her over effortlessly. Now she was on her stomach. He replaced the cuffs. She could feel he was behind her once more. He fingered her pussy a bit before using it juices to push his fingers in her ass. He pushed his finger deeper into her. When his finger was all the way in an he had a comfortable rhythm he added a second then a third. I felt my ass widening and I moaned, in pleasurable pain.

“Stick your ass out. Let me put my cock in you.”

I did as I was told. He smacked my ass a few times then removed his fingers. I felt the tip of his cock probing my ass. I held my breath. His cock was marvellous but I never had one that size up my ass before and I wondered if I would even be able to walk out of this hotel room the same way I came in.

He eased himself into my ass and I could feel the tears swelling in my eyes. I gripped the bars on the bed as he continued thankfully that he was doing it in a slow steady pace. He spread my ass cheeks apart and with on last push my ass swallowed his cock. It was only then I realized that I was holding my breath and I exhaled. He let out a sigh of desperation and he pushed his cock in and out of her ass. He held my waist tightly, digging his fingers into my flesh. I could feel my toes curling as he reached in front a played with my clit. He howled loudly as my ass felt hot with his cum. I convulsed and screamed out as I climaxed as well and dropped helplessly to the bed. I could hear him breathing loudly next to me even if he didn’t say anything.

“Rest up slave. I’ll be right back.” Once again the weight of the bed shifted and I knew he had gotten off.

I heard the door open then close. Even though my pussy was throbbing and my ass was burning I was still anticipating what the rest of the evening would bring.