Sustaining longer during sex

Sexual arousal in women is not something, which can happen instantly just by taking a glance at an attractive man or a photo or video. The case of men is quite entirely different. Many times we all know that men excite themselves while watching porn movies on the television. The controlling capacity in women is far greater than what a man has. One cannot know exactly what goes on inside women’s heads when it comes to sexual activities. They can completely hide their inner feelings by maintaining a cool composure.

There have always been many different things available that promise to sustain a man’s erection, but a lot of them are questionable and some even dangerous like suspect pills that can be easily purchased on the Internet. Of course there are “safe” options available, but as with anything else, it is always best to consult your GP for any advice and medication.

Whilst under the influence of drugs, steroids and so on, men can become little numb and hence the sensitivity becomes lesser to procrastinate the ejaculation. This can prolong the erection and enable the man to last longer. For women, it allows her to be more fully satisfied during sex, but it carries its dangers and can be extremely detrimental to your health.

London escorts would generally not advise men to not to opt for strong drugs as they can lead to major problems. Sterility in men can be caused from usage of such drugs over a long period of time. Women do not have to worry anything about such things as they can enjoy an enormous amount of pleasure for long periods and they can even control their sexual appetite comfortably without any worries all until they next have sex.