Escorts in London and Their Sexy Uniforms10 May 2012

If you are a little bit kinky and fancy something different, why not book one of the London escorts to come and dress up for you? Men often fantasize about women in uniform or in sexy stockings and suspenders. It can really help to create a sexy atmosphere especially if you like to indulge in a bit of role play.

Dress like a Real Man 10 Dec 2011

It is definitely a good thing that the male species of today has finally decided to clear their closets of baggy and grimey clothes and, really dress the hell up. In fact, most of us guys have traded our Sports Illustrated and other manly magazines for fashion-savvy ones like GQ and Esquire. That's definitely cool. But, while we have been paying attention to what's hot in terms of the best looks for this season, there are still some pieces that should be avoided by any and all respectable alpha males.