Room 6618 Sep 2017

Lola and I arrived at the hotel and immediately went to Room 66.

The Women Body24 Mar 2017

If looking for the perfect woman’s body, you have to be prepared to see as many images as there are men available in this world.

The Male Brain- Why He Cheats15 Jul 2016

For the average man, photos of attractive women, provocative or not is perhaps as essential as breathing and maybe healthy to keep the human race alive.

Sex outside the bedroom18 Mar 2016

Are you tired of seeing the four walls in your bedroom while having sex and you are ready for a change in atmosphere? Well good news, your bedroom is not the only room in your house, or is it? There is no rule that says you must have sex in the bedroom.

How To Have Sex In A Car08 Feb 2016

Do you have daredevil tendencies and willing to try anything at least once? It would help a lot if your partner had the same tendencies such as you.

The Lair06 Mar 2015

My flat mate Hayley and I had decided that we wanted to experience a foursome but trying to hook our boyfriends in was proving rather difficult, so we decided it would be fun to set up some strangers and besides we were getting bored with our guys.

More than a Handful28 Jun 2013

Sometimes it is nice to have something to hold on to and if you like a bit of meat then the curvy escorts are the ones for you. These ladies have womanly curves, voluptuous figures and large bouncy breasts. They have silky smooth skin that you won't be able to keep your hands off and you will want to explore every inch of your curvy escort's body.

Greatness Found Under the Sheets25 Mar 2013

They say that if it's good, it's good. And when your escorts say that it is, then it means you've done great in bed. But just because you're good doesn't mean you have to stop there. Being great requires more than just a couple of strokes and pokes, and sometimes, all it takes is to listen to what your partner wants.

Brunette Escorts Are so Much Fun22 Mar 2013

If you are thinking of hiring some female company then the perfect choice would be the sexy brunette escorts. These ladies are sensual, seductive and passionate and provide an amazing personal service. They have long silky dark hair that cascades down their backs and falls onto their soft breasts. They love people playing with their hair whether that be twirling it round your fingers or pulling it from behind.

Prom in a Truck?19 Dec 2012

It was back when she was in high school that Kacey had the most romantic yet random experience with her then-boyfriend. She had just turned 18 and finishing school was just around the corner. Her school friends were going crazy about their up and coming prom and being asked, but not for Kacey, as her boyfriend had yet to even ask her or mention anything about the prom.

Women Point out Their Erogenous Zones09 Dec 2012

Men have been bothered with the age old question. Where are a woman's erogenous zones? Some men claim to be experts on satisfying women, including the London escorts, but women unanimously agree that men aren't even close to knowing where the right spots are. The easiest way to answer the question presented above is by going straight to the source: women.

Teacher-Student Encounter08 Dec 2012

The great thing about the escorts in London is that you can suggest a kinky idea and they will be willing to go with it. Wives and girlfriends aren't always into the things you're into and it would be a waste of time to convince them to go along with your fantasy. The easiest solution to re-enact your favourite porn scenes is to hire a London escort.

Sex with strangers06 Dec 2012

Amanda had always had a fascination for sex with strangers, so when her boyfriend had suggested that they try the swingers party that they had heard about, Amanda was more than up for it! It was a comfortable house and there were a lot of different people of all age groups mixing and mingling and getting to know each other.

The Double Glazing Guy30 Nov 2012

Hayley had been feeling pretty inconvenienced by the fact that her landlord had arranged to have the windows in the house she was renting double glazed, that was until she saw the guy who was installing it! He was tanned, dark haired and muscular and all of a sudden the sight of him made all the early mornings worthwhile!

Sex on The Beach26 Nov 2012

Candy had been having a fabulous holiday, but felt sad that it would soon be coming to an end. Her friend Ally had bought tickets to a party on the beach for their last night and Candy decided that she was going to go all out , have a great time and take home some holiday memories to remember!