Chelsea Escort

You don’t have to spend a fortune 27 Sep 2013

Many people are under the misconception that you have to fork out thousands in order to have a beautiful and stunning woman between the sheets. Diamond Escorts want to put that myth to bed and let you know that you can in fact have a charming and sexy lady catering to your every desire and fantasy for a price that won't break the bank.

Charmed in Chelsea 27 Dec 2012

This Prestigious West London town is part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and is more commonly known for being the playground for the rich and famous. Although mainly a residential area, the price of properties means it has become an exclusive area aimed at the wealthy. You would typically expect to pay up to a million pounds for a one bedroom apartment. The whole town oozes sophistication and class and is home to many celebrities.

Escorts in Your Work Place17 Dec 2012

Working long hours can be very stressful and sometimes by the time you get home in the evening all you have time to do is grab something to eat and go to bed. Do you ever sit at your desk trying to finish a report but secretly fantasize about having a beautiful Chelsea escort under your desk working her magic? Well you can! You can have a lady visit you at your office and turn these fantasies into reality.

Getting Over a Messy Break Up01 Nov 2012

You are bound to miss the intimate side of your relationship and the Chelsea escorts can help out here too. They can be passionate and sensitive and make love to you as if you were in a real relationship, and also do all the dirty things that you could never ask your ex to do without her thinking you were kinky or perverted! By seeing the same Chelsea escort you can really build up a good relationship consisting of trust and sexual chemistry.

Only The very Best High Class in Chelsea11 Aug 2012

Chelsea is a wealthy and affluent area within West London and has is a sought after area to live. It has many nice houses and well off residents along with trendy bars and good quality restaurants. You will also find charming shops, luxury hotels and leisure facilities close by. This is a great place to stay if you are visiting London and want to add a bit of class to your trip.

Dirty Talk with the Chelsea Escorts02 Jun 2012

One way to spice things up in the bedroom is by engaging in a little dirty talk with your Chelsea escort. This could be just whispering in her ear or full on graphic chat either in between the sheets or on the phone. Some people feel a bit uncomfortable about this and often end up embarrassed or giggling. You may not really know what to say or be scared of how she may react when you say it.

Getting the Most of What You Paid for26 Apr 2012

Some men don't believe in paying for sex as they can get it for free. But one has to wonder how good your free sex is! What do you get out of it? Maybe a hand job, a blow job if you are lucky, but does she swallow? Is she enthusiastic about receiving anal or getting down and dirty with another chic? No you say? Well guess what? When you pay for sex you get all of that and more.