Exciting Times with The Ilford Escorts07 Apr 2012

Ilford is a busy and residential town set on the border of Essex and East London. There is plenty to see and do in this cosmopolitan area and the nightlife is excellent with countless bars and clubs that are open until the early hours.

5 Social Media Status' That Make Her Run13 Nov 2011

Social Media Sites. They're everywhere, aren't they? You surely have one... or two... maybe three, four or five. Regardless of how many you have, the chances are that you can update your status on your profile for all to see. There are some things that should just be left unsaid, or strictly to the guys when you're out at the sports pub. Avoid updating your status with any of the following so you don't scare off the babes before the first date!

Boys' Best Buddy - The Burger 03 Aug 2011

Imagine you're eating a juicy, quarter-pound pure beef patty, grilled to perfection, smothered with caramelised onions, tangy pickles and fresh tomatoes, layered with oozing melted cheddar cheese, sandwiched between a soft, buttery-tasting bun. Craving for a burger? Well, if diamonds are girls' best friends, I believe burgers, aside from our hot London escorts, are boys' best friends.