My First Escort16 Oct 2017

My First Escort

My very first experience with escorts was really worth it.

Sex Offences - What You Shouldnt Do24 Jun 2016

Sex is a game and every man wants to win the game, but as every game goes, there are rules and there are fouls and sex is no different.

Sexual Fantasies: The Female Perspective23 May 2014

If you think that your woman isn't sitting around thinking of the naughty things she'll do to you then you're wrong. Just because women are perceived as being more refined than men it doesn't mean they can't be sexual on their own.

Dixi Is a Bad Girl02 Apr 2014

Dixi is one of those girls who love to bring toys to the bedroom. One of her regulars always buys her a new one each time they meet, and they would bring it into the bedroom with them. Her enthusiasm for toys isn't to be misunderstood. Although Dixi loved having a big dildo slam her hole, nothing could ever compare to the feeling and warmth that comes from a hard cock slamming her little hole.

My Sweet Dreams with Peter31 Jul 2013

Karina had the same dream every night. It was a dream that always made her wake up wet between her legs. Although in real life she was a shy and quiet girl, in her dreams Karina was confident and dominating. Sometimes when she got home from work she would go straight to bed so that she could escape to her dreams and the girl she really wanted to be.

Perfect Bondage Outfits for Men24 Oct 2011

Similar to women's outfits, men's bondage outfits also come in a variety of styles, fabrics and materials. The perfect outfit is all about your comfort level as well as the intensity of your bondage fantasy. Whether you are a master of sex slavery, or just beginning to indulge in bondage, these guidelines will definitely help to achieve the perfect bondage look for men.