Submissive Escorts are Best12 Mar 2018

Submissive Escorts are Best

I was told at the front desk to head to the room and just go straight in.

Is She The One19 Feb 2016

Before you ask yourself that question, you would need to know a little bit about yourself.

Sexual Fantasies: The Female Perspective23 May 2014

If you think that your woman isn't sitting around thinking of the naughty things she'll do to you then you're wrong. Just because women are perceived as being more refined than men it doesn't mean they can't be sexual on their own.

Discovered two new Fetishes28 Mar 2014

When Jenn arrived at her client's house, he was unprepared. He was filthy from working construction all day, but she was happy to wait as he freshened up in the bathroom. She sat on his bed as he took a quick shower in the en suite bathroom. He came out wearing nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist. He was still dripping wet and it made Jenn excited to give him a taste of her sweet, wet knickers.

She's Got a Rich Load10 Mar 2014

Becky has always steered more to the wealthy side of clients. She is one of the sexiest girls amongst the escorts and knew that she was a prized possession and deserved only the highest paying clients. Call it shady, but the men sure loved to throw her big bills and always came back for more. She always assessed the wealth of a man prior to going into her appointment.

Gemmas's Ass Victim03 Mar 2014

Gemma was a dominating queen. She thrived on the thought of stripping a man of their manhood. She loves the idea of making a grown man become merciless at the hands of her beauty and sweet pussy, and no matter how difficult her submission slave may be at first, Gemma always has a way of making the men fall to their knees, begging to get a taste of her delicious cum.

She's a Feisty Bitch24 Jan 2014

Bev has always been an escort who loves the idea of dominating a man and stripping them of all of their manhood, so she was extremely eager to have a new client who was ready to be tortured for the first time in his life. She was happy to be his first dominatrix slag, and she was even happier to make him the slave that he was for the very first time.

A Guide to Flirting with Escorts22 Apr 2012

Flirting does not come easily to all men, not like it does for the Harlesden escorts. The good thing about flirting is that it can be taught, even to those who are completely clueless! Having the right attitude changes the way in which you look at things. With a negative attitude all you see are the challenges and the obstacles ahead, but with a positive attitude you still see the challenges but you also see the possibilities and opportunities. So with your positive attitude established we can now continue with the guide to flirting.

How to be More Dominating in Bed23 Dec 2011

Dominance is all about control and trust. If you want to be more dominating in bed, all you have to do is be a little rougher and have your way just a little bit more. Sounds easy enough, right? Well sometimes it can be a little difficult, depending on your partner, but if everything is well and you're ready for some new domination tips and tricks to try, read on!

Common Female Fantasies27 Oct 2011

Are you wanting to spice up the bedroom action with your partner but are unsure as to what she likes? No need to worry because this article is based around the most common fantasies that a female has. Whoever said women don't sit around fantasising about dirty, raunchy things was definitely wrong. Use these fantasy ideas to throw your woman into a frenzy of frisky pleasure.

Three Must Try Bondage Items22 Oct 2011

There are so many items on the market that you can try to satisfy your bondage fantasy, some are crazy, wild, intense and sometimes scary, while others aren't as extreme but maybe aren't as much fun either. However, there are three items that are absolutely "must try" things for the ultimate bondage experience. On the bright side, they aren't too intense and they definitely aren't too boring.