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Don’t Get Hooked on Debt 03 Feb 2012

Ever wonder where your 5 digit salary goes? Well, its probably going straight from your bank account to another's bank account even before it reaches your pocket. And how exactly does that happen? Ask Visa. And no, this isn't the kind you need to apply for when you're thinking of a cross-Atlantic trip, this is the credit card company who are probably the culprits to your missing money, or at least you think its missing.

Do You Fall in Love Easily? 19 Jan 2012

The eternal question of who falls in love faster hasn't been resolved yet, but a lot of men are claiming that they do fall in love easily especially if a girl fits everything they have on the bill.However, this doesn't mean though that men are more susceptible to love at first sight.

Essex Has the Perfect Escorts07 Nov 2011

To many people, Essex is the perfect combination of history and modernity. Dating back to Anglo-Saxon times (its name has roots in the word astseaxe, eastern kingdom of the Saxons); it contains the oldest town in Britain, Colchester, yet it is also one of the foundations of the modern British economy, housing the European headquarters of New Holland Agriculture, Britvic and Ford, among others.

Massage and the Penis – Escorts Services 16 Sep 2011

Massage that is specially meant for the relaxation of your body and the growth of your penis is easily available under the Essex escorts services, these girls are skilled experts who are very well trained in executing such services to their clients. The length of the penis can be increased to a better extent by taking the proper measures.

Things to Never Say to Any woman 16 Aug 2011

Every woman wants to get special treatment from her boyfriend/husband. No woman likes to know that she is his second best or just his option. Some men however, instead of making her feel special tend to put their foot in their mouth and make her feel less than adequate .Most times however in their defence, they actually do not realise what they are doing.