The 25 Year Old Virgin01 Jan 2018

Twenty five and a virgin was not working for me. I had been to the almost there but realizing that it wouldn’t work out. I am very traditional but my hormones were getting the better of me. I needed a release and I needed it soon.

Inside Story of Escorts In Uk11 Sep 2017

London escorts guides allow you to perform a streamlined search to figure out the particular category of services that you are interested in. Still, one might not assume that they will get all those attractive girls in the pictures of the website.

Those luxury beauties when is too much27 Mar 2017

Men like to think about themselves as big boys and they like to show that in everything that happens in their life.

London Escorts - Best of the Best06 Jan 2017

There is no argument about this. London escorts are the best escorts you can find today. True words to all those who have had the opportunity (and taken it) to sample the complete indulgence of these wonderful beauties that men very much love and appreciate.

Escorts - who are they?23 Sep 2016

It is that time of the year when your company sends you off for that business trip to a different country.

Beautiful Escorts From Around the World05 Aug 2016

Is this your first time of using the services of an escort agency? Then rest assured, you have found one of the best in town.

Sex Offences - What You Shouldnt Do24 Jun 2016

Sex is a game and every man wants to win the game, but as every game goes, there are rules and there are fouls and sex is no different.

Makeover Confessions - Why men need makeovers and why they hate it27 May 2016

They say having personal style is the key to having great things in life, But in the case of standard issue men, does style really have to become dated and old-fashioned? Take it from Steve Carrell’s character in the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love”, his character goes from average suburban husband to a hotshot ladies’ man.

How to Ask a Girl Out On a Date13 May 2016

You may have heard this already, but a Marine Corps Sergeant just asked one of the hottest female stars of today, Mila Kunis to be his date in the Marine Corps Ball.

BDSM is a Rewarding Experience17 Jul 2013

Escorts provide great companionship for lonely, recently divorced men. Whatever these lonely men want, female escorts can provide. Whether you need an excellent guide to the best tourist spots in London or just an hour of sensual massaging, these escorts are ready to satisfy.

Having Dinner with your London Escort 04 Mar 2013

The escorts in London love to be treated like ladies. Too often they are not treated with the respect that they deserve. These girls love to be wined and dined and spoilt. There are lots of ways to impress your escort in London but dinner at a nice restaurant is a good place to start. This is a good way to get to know your escort in London better.

Bad Boys Versus Nerds 25 Feb 2013

Nice guys always finish last it is said, and it just so happens that you're a nice guy. Oh, you're also currently single and have been for quite a while. Coincidence? Definitely not. There are great benefits to being a nice guy and guess what? Nice guys always end up with the hottest babes in the end.

Whips, Chains and Naughty Boys 04 Feb 2013

Have you been a naughty boy lately? Do you crave some female punishment? Well if you are ready to submit and obey then choose your beautiful mistress. It is definitely best to speak to your dominatrix escort before your booking. You will need to discuss your limits and how far you are willing to go. If you have a partner or wife you may want to ask her not to leave marks if she whips or canes you.

Why Diamond Escorts are the Leading Agency05 Jan 2013

Diamond Escorts agency is the leading agency in London. They know exactly what their clients want and their main focus is your pleasure. Diamond Escorts have one main goal and that is to provide beautiful and sexy ladies at great rates to men who are looking for special female company.

A Shoulder To Cry On19 Nov 2012

Sometimes it's not all about the sex. Quite often men simply want to book a London escort purely for social companionship. The feeling of loneliness can be cured with a good conversation and feeling that there is someone who will listen to you.

Take a Break with a Muswell Hill Escort09 Nov 2012

Life can be very stressful. We all live at a much faster pace these days and are always on the go. Sometimes it can feel like we live to work rather than work to live. Everyone needs a bit of time out or a chance to relax in order to help balance the mind body and soul. You need to be able to forget about the problems at work and focus purely on yourself. You need to satisfy your personal needs and attend to your frustrations.

How to Finger a Girl18 Oct 2012

Fingering can seem so "high school" but if done right, you can definitely send your girl into a toe curling frenzy. Using your fingers to stimulate your girl can reap amazing results as long as it's done correctly, but if done wrongly, which more times than not it is, you can do anything and everything but turn on your girl, including hurt her, so make sure to take care and read this article carefully to give her the pulsating orgasm that she deserves.

Scent-Sational! 09 Oct 2012

Women love a man that smells delicious. Ask any female, when a guy walks by with a nice aftershave on they can't get enough of it and crave more. So for those of you out there that are a little bit on the smelly side, this article is for you.

The Quality is in the Name - Mayfair15 Sep 2012

This wealthy area situated in Westminster is most commonly known for its exclusive place on the monopoly board. It's situated between Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly and Park Lane in the very centre of the capital. The name Mayfair comes from the fifteen day fair that used to take place. It was stopped by the aristocratic citizens as they believed it was attracting too many poor folk and undesirable characters.

How to Ask Her Out - The Correct Way27 Aug 2012

There is a whole list of ways to incorrectly ask a female out on a date, and to be fair, you probably don't need to read that list because you know it like the back of your hand. After all, you're single for a reason, right? Forget that! The past is the past and today, you are going to learn the correct way of asking that babe out that you have been eyeing up all night.

How to ask her out the Wrong Way26 Aug 2012

Asking a woman out on a date can be extremely terrifying, whether you're a cocky athletic guy, or an intellectual millionaire. The truth of the matter is, women have the power to boost your ego or shatter your confidence right then and right there, but there is no need to focus on that because there are so many other opportunities and as they say fish in the sea. If you get blown out then try again, but with someone new.



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