Mutual Masturbation11 Aug 2017

Men and women are quite entirely different when it comes to reacting to their inner sexual feelings.

Sexual Satisfaction Guaranteed30 Jun 2017

Sexually Unsatisfied women that have not been taken care of very well by their partners sexually, will usually not reveal it.

London Male escorts19 Dec 2016

The typical job description of any escort is to provide company for the client and to give a good and enjoyable time to them.

Midlife Crisis07 Mar 2016

A midlife crisis is a term used to describe a dramatic period in life that occurs between the “middle ages” of your life.

Best Three Tips for a one Night Stand05 Jul 2013

It is well known that most females like to cuddle and touch their lovers, it is a surprising fact that most women also crave promiscuous sex with a complete stranger. Yes, it's the fabulous one night stand that so many people would love to indulge in, but most manage to screw up. Doing any of these things sends signals that you, are also looking for a little bit more than just a sex session.

Positions Women Like08 Jan 2013

Every man will agree that males and females are two totally different species. Of course, there are some similarities when it comes to sex and wanting rough and wild fantasies, but typically, women like to have their men make love to them from time to time. Rough sex is great but they need to be reminded that they aren't only a sex object to you.

What Does She Want?23 Dec 2012

There are a lot of things in the world that women want. Some, that can't always be provided, but most of them definitely can. The only problem is that women, more times than not, do not tell their men what they want, so how are they supposed to know, right?

Things that will Keep Her Happy21 Dec 2012

Women are definitely a species on their own. They're hard to read and understand, but like most things in life, you can't live with them and you definitely can't live without them. These are phrases to use on a woman that's already in your life to redeem yourself from a fight, or just to make her happy and hopefully make you lucky.

Girls To Avoid At The Pub03 Oct 2012

That sloppy drunk girl slurring her words and dropping everything from her purse is a sure-fire lay, and although tempting, there are simply some girls that you should avoid at all costs when out drinking. Surely, you want to get laid, but think with your head on this one. There are five types of bar girls to avoid, and if you use your better judgement, you will definitely agree.

Dating Tips from Chick Flicks Part Two02 Oct 2012

How many times have you declined the invitation from your girl to watch the latest chick flick? Probably more times than you can count right? Well you should seriously stop doing that because believe it or not, chick flicks are full of dating tips that can be applied to real life. Sure, they also give women the idea that we're these amazing, romantic, prince charming's with no flaws, but hey!

Dating Tips from Chick Flicks01 Oct 2012

It truly sucks that females love watching these cheesy chick flicks that put the idea in their heads that all men are, or at least should be, this Matthew McConaughey type of charmer with smart chat-up lines, a fantastic sense of humour and everything else you could possibly imagine. Movies truly give them a false idea of what men are. However, chick flicks aren't all harmful to your ego, relationship and sex life.

Take That Sexting to The Next Level28 Sep 2012

There's nothing worse than sexting that sexy girl and being stuck in the sexting stage. You've been sending dirty messages and pictures back and forth for months now and you still can't seem to get it on. Follow these tips for taking your sexting to the next level, the next level being you actually getting laid, of course!

A Back Massage To Blow Her Mind12 Sep 2012

Women expect us to do all sorts of things, from knowing how to dance, how to dress and even how to fix everything and anything. However, those three things are all obvious. Every man knows that women want us to know how to do those things, but did you know that there is one thing that all women think you should know how to do, that will thoroughly benefit you as well?

Wipe It28 Jul 2012

Every single person knows that females should always go to the bathroom after sex to clean themselves up, but have you ever thought about what and how men should clean up afterwards? Just because you just got down and dirty, it doesn't mean that you want to remain dirty for the rest of the day. It is imperative that men, too, clean up after sex, especially for the men who are not circumcised.

How to find out if she’s Faking It01 Jul 2012

Every man, at one point or another, has wondered if his woman has faked it, or is currently faking it. Now don't immediately go into a state of worry and insecurity, having difficulty getting your woman off isn't always your fault. There are so many toys out there that females can have fun with, so it's not necessarily that you aren't doing it right, but maybe simply that you're not doing what she's used to.