Gatwick Escorts

Travel with the Gatwick Escorts11 May 2012

Gatwick airport is situated approximately three miles from the centre of Crawley and is London's second largest international airport, with Heathrow being the largest. If you find yourself in one of the many hotels that surround the airport or are just staying in the area, then why not call upon one of the Gatwick escorts to come and keep you company while you wait for your flight? Even if you just have an hour to spare, why not check out all the stunning escorts Gatwick has to offer?

The Curious Case of the Balding Man 03 Sep 2011

Balding is no easy business. For years, even centuries, men have been trying to solve the most absurd genetic malfunction ever to be discovered, balding or androgenic alopecia, and while this phenomenon remains true until now, scientists, researchers and men all over the world are looking for answers in modern medicine, quick fixes and even hair transplants, But to no avail, not one successful reversal of this problem has been found, and in the event that no cure can be found to solve this, its best to understand some of the common misconceptions associated to male pattern balding.